Mission Empties: Update #1

It’s been a month and a half now since I posted about some products that I wanted to use up, so it seemed about time that I show you my empties, so you can see how I’m doing! I’m actually really surprised by how many empties I have, most likely because I had quite a … Continue reading Mission Empties: Update #1

Mission Product Empties

I’ve been inspired to do this by Rachael over at Helpless Whilst Drying. I have so many products which do the same job as each other and I think it’s about time I cut that down, especially as I will be moving again in 4 months and right now I’d fill a massive box with … Continue reading Mission Product Empties

My Skincare Routine – July 2017

I have been wanting to write this post for a while but I wanted to make sure everything in my routine was fully tried and tested and not causing any problems so I think I’m finally there. It’s nice being in a place where I am happy with my skincare so hopefully it lasts! Morning … Continue reading My Skincare Routine – July 2017

Sensitive Makeup for Sun Burnt Skin and Tips for Sun Protection

Last Sunday I had a great day enjoying Banger Racing, however, it was deceptively cloudy all day in that it turns out it actually wasn’t… so we all came away with sun burnt faces and didn't realise until it was too late. This definitely made me realise that I need to be more careful with … Continue reading Sensitive Makeup for Sun Burnt Skin and Tips for Sun Protection

The Comparison… TooFaced and The Body Shop Bronzers

I mentioned in my TooFaced haul that I thought the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer sample I received looked a lot like my trusty Body Shop Honey Bronzer in shade 02. Now I have had a chance to fully try the TooFaced Bronzer, I want to compare them for you properly! Skip to the end for a Bottom … Continue reading The Comparison… TooFaced and The Body Shop Bronzers

FeelUnique and High Street Haul

Despite saying that I need to start saving money, I have brought myself a few more things recently. Can I still justify them as birthday presents to myself? I think spring is one of the worst times for me saving money because I try and do that… Anyway, I thought I would compile my purchases … Continue reading FeelUnique and High Street Haul

The Update: Eyelash Curlers Scare Me…

Hi Guys! You may remember my post from in February; "Eyelash Curlers Scare Me..." well, I have decided to write an Ickle blog for you as an update on my opinion of them. So as I said in my post “The Birthday Beauty Haul…” I was able to get some eyelash curlers from The Body Shop … Continue reading The Update: Eyelash Curlers Scare Me…