Artwork of the Week

As I said in my last artwork post, I had more Minions to come and I'm not going to disappoint! The different this time however is that instead of a standard Minion, I drew a crossover Minion, one that's fairly easy to guess... I really enjoyed drawing this Harry Potter Minion. As with the rest … Continue reading Artwork of the Week

Artwork of the Week

My latest piece is actually a recreation of an older piece which I did a couple of years ago now. It's really lovely recreating art sometimes as it is a fantastic way to see how much you have improved. The piece I recreated is my Kevin Minion. Last time I drew this, I had only … Continue reading Artwork of the Week

Winter Favourites 2017/18

It's that time of year again now where I want to do a favourites post. There are a lot changes with my skin through the winter leading to a skincare switch up, and I got a lot of lovely new items for Christmas so it's no wonder I have a fair few to get through! … Continue reading Winter Favourites 2017/18

Artwork of the Week

Ok, I'll admit it... I've been pretty terrible this week and not done my drawing as planned, as much as I had wanted to draw, I was in university until 7 or later meaning I just didn't have time and was way too exhausted. Instead, I'm going to share an older drawing with you. A … Continue reading Artwork of the Week

Artwork of the Week

This is a new addition to my blog, but I've been actively promoting my artwork since the start of January and even though I'm very busy with university, I'm trying to create one piece of art work each week. Although, if I don't manage to, I'm not putting pressure on myself either. Anyway, this piece … Continue reading Artwork of the Week

Current Shoe Painting Method

I haven’t posted much about my shoe painting recently, but the way I do it has changed a lot since I last did. I used a new method on the last two pairs which turned out very well and looks so, so good. I really think I get better with every pair, more adventurous with … Continue reading Current Shoe Painting Method

Canvas Shoe Painting!

If you follow my Instagram or twitter you will probably already know that I have been painting shoes for a couple of years now and I recently finished my most complicated pair yet; Alice in Wonderland Wedding Shoes. These were a pair of Classic White Lace Up Vans for her to wear in the evening … Continue reading Canvas Shoe Painting!