On this blog I will disclose all sponsored/collaborative posts and the posts containing these will be denoted with an asterisk at the end of the post title and the name of the products throughout the post. All of these posts will also contain no-follow links as is required.
A disclaimer detailing the specific nature of the sample/sponsorship/collaboration will be included at the bottom of the post to ensure that you are fully informed.

All views within these posts will be my honest, genuine opinion of the product/experience that I am talking about and I will not post about anything that I haven’t personally experienced or that doesn’t have relevancy to my other content and interests.

All photos on this blog are my own, unless otherwise stated (in which instances correct permission will have been obtained for the use of the photos). Without my written permission, these photos cannot be used unless they specifically feature your brand. In all instances, please credit the photos and link them to me.
Please contact me directly by email if you would like to use my images, if agreed, a fee will be charged.

Please get in touch, preferably by email, if you would like to discuss any PR enquiries or collaborations. I will do my best to respond to all emails in good time, however due to my full-time working schedule this may be at unusual hours or may be a bit delayed.
Any products sent for review will need time to be properly tested before I can write a post about them, this will be about 20 days or 60 for skincare products.
If I dislike or have a bad reaction to a product sent for consideration/review, I will contact the brand to inform them of the issue before publishing a post to discuss whether they would still like the post to be published.

Please do not request non-disclosure as I will not agree to this.