Vans X Peanuts Collection

It seems like every few months Vans release some incredible collaborations and in the past 3 years I seem to have been captivated by all of them (especially the Disney collections) and while I may not have been able to get something from all of these (very disappointed that I missed out on the Buzz … Continue reading Vans X Peanuts Collection

Canvas Shoe Painting!

If you follow my Instagram or twitter you will probably already know that I have been painting shoes for a couple of years now and I recently finished my most complicated pair yet; Alice in Wonderland Wedding Shoes. These were a pair of Classic White Lace Up Vans for her to wear in the evening … Continue reading Canvas Shoe Painting!

A Collective Haul…

Hi Guys! Recently I may have been doing a little bit… or a lot… of shopping, so I decided to gather it together and write a haul post for it all. Some of this I bought instore and others I got online. I have also got an order from TooFaced on the way but I … Continue reading A Collective Haul…

Winter Favourites!

Hi Guys! We are now at the end of February, the days are getting longer and hopefully the weather will start getting warmer soon to go with it! As we are coming to the end of the season I wanted to do a round up of things I have been loving through the winter. I … Continue reading Winter Favourites!