Artwork of the Week

I have had such a busy week focusing on my dissertation that I just haven't had time to draw again, but I do have one which I drew back in September to share with you.   I drew Cinderella's glass slipper back in September as an Engagement present for my friends. They were very happy … Continue reading Artwork of the Week

My Novelty Mug Collection…

I will admit, the size of my collection may be a little excess for the size of my flat (a studio which is in total smaller than my parent’s living room) but I can’t help it, I really love collecting novelty mugs. By novelty, I mean themed and 3D mugs, mostly… all either Disney or … Continue reading My Novelty Mug Collection…

Welcome 2018!

I took a break after Christmas because I’d been a bit lazy with university work while I was home visiting family and I needed time to get on top of myself again. The difficult assignment I was working on (dragging myself through kicking and screaming) has now been submitted and I feel as though a … Continue reading Welcome 2018!

Christmas Traditions

As I’ve got older, Christmas has become ever more important to me as I get to spend time with my family, something that’s few and far between since I moved to university, and as a reminder of all the amazing Christmases I had as a kid. The most special reminder for me is the Christmas … Continue reading Christmas Traditions

A Very Harry Potter Weekend in London…

On the 9th November, myself and 3 others headed to London for a much needed and long-awaited weekend away. By long-awaited, I really mean it as we started planning and booking it at the start of August 2016! That may seem like a long time, but the reason we went was for the Harry Potter … Continue reading A Very Harry Potter Weekend in London…

Kicking off the Festival Season

As I said in my last post about my Festival Makeup, I recently went to the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park for The Killers headlining. I have loved Music all my life and concerts even more so since the first one I went to (Muse at Wembley Stadium in 2010) but surprisingly I … Continue reading Kicking off the Festival Season

If only I wasn’t a Student… the Makeup Space I would have if I Could*

For a long time now, four years to be precise, I have been at university, living in small rooms in student halls with little space for makeup besides a box under the bed. Mirrors are certainly lacking, especially if you want one with good natural lighting - those are just non-existent! Most of the time … Continue reading If only I wasn’t a Student… the Makeup Space I would have if I Could*