My Christmas Day Makeup Plans

As I travel home for Christmas, I had to decided days ago what makeup I want to use on Christmas Day. Although, I was able to pack both my light and full coverage foundations and a couple of eyeshadow palettes (I certainly didn’t pack light… and I travelled by train…) so I have been a … Continue reading My Christmas Day Makeup Plans

Christmas Treats: Marzipan Fruits

Marzipan fruits are something I’ve been making for my Dad since I was 4 years old, with the exception of last year when I wasn’t home early enough. It began as something we made from the scraps of the marzipan from my mum icing the cakes but has progressed into an entire block being dedicated … Continue reading Christmas Treats: Marzipan Fruits

Creating a bit of Sparkle at Christmas – Stila Written in the Stars Gift Set

If there’s any time of year that you can wear a tonne of glitter, it’s at Christmas and nothing stands out more for this to me than the Stila Written in the Stars gift set. This contains 3 of their magnificent metals glitter and glow eyeshadows in miniature form (2.25ml of each). These are in … Continue reading Creating a bit of Sparkle at Christmas – Stila Written in the Stars Gift Set

Christmas Traditions

As I’ve got older, Christmas has become ever more important to me as I get to spend time with my family, something that’s few and far between since I moved to university, and as a reminder of all the amazing Christmases I had as a kid. The most special reminder for me is the Christmas … Continue reading Christmas Traditions