Welcome 2018!

I took a break after Christmas because I’d been a bit lazy with university work while I was home visiting family and I needed time to get on top of myself again. The difficult assignment I was working on (dragging myself through kicking and screaming) has now been submitted and I feel as though a … Continue reading Welcome 2018!

Current Shoe Painting Method

I haven’t posted much about my shoe painting recently, but the way I do it has changed a lot since I last did. I used a new method on the last two pairs which turned out very well and looks so, so good. I really think I get better with every pair, more adventurous with … Continue reading Current Shoe Painting Method

Canvas Shoe Painting!

If you follow my Instagram or twitter you will probably already know that I have been painting shoes for a couple of years now and I recently finished my most complicated pair yet; Alice in Wonderland Wedding Shoes. These were a pair of Classic White Lace Up Vans for her to wear in the evening … Continue reading Canvas Shoe Painting!

The Review: Prismacolor Premier Pencils…

Hi Guys! So I have something a bit different today a review of Prismacolor premier coloured pencils which I have been using since April. Although I have had these for a few months, I haven’t used them as much as I would like because sometimes life gets in the way and with exams and starting … Continue reading The Review: Prismacolor Premier Pencils…