Too Faced Natural Love Palette Review

It’s been a while since I got my hands on the Too Faced Natural Love palette. I fell for the packaging so quickly that I placed an order for this on the American Too Faced site for delivery across the Atlantic… With a hefty delivery bill attached. I did at least choose shipping with customs pre-paid so at least there weren’t any nasty surprises on pick-up. If you want to know more about this process, check out the first impressions post I did when I first got it otherwise, stick to this post for a more in-depth review!

If you have read the first impressions post, you’ll know that I was a little disappointed in the packaging when I first opened it up. Instead of being the usual metal packaging that Too Faced use on their smaller palettes, this is a thick cardboard.  I suspect that this is to reduce size as much as possible when it’s already much bigger than their usual palettes to accommodate all 30 shades. The cardboard has fared better than I expected, I’ve travelled with it a few times and it still looks in good condition although I kept it in the box until recently.


Another aspect that I found a little disappointing considering the quality of their other palettes is the scent. This is just a standard cosmetic scent unlike the chocolate bar, or peach scents of some of their other palettes. I think I said in my first impressions post that I would have loved a subtle rose or strawberry scent, but never mind.

There’s definitely shades in the palette that I gravitate towards more than others. I’m more of a golden-warm toned girl, meaning the pinks and purples/cool tones are less used. There are a couple of shades that I reach for every time I use the palette though meaning they have a significant dent in them compared to others.


Top Row

Heaven – Light, yellow-toned neutral which makes a perfect base colour for me, sometimes I also mix this with Lace Teddy to darken it slightly and make it a little more warm-toned. This is one of the shades with a significant dent in it as I use it pretty much every time I use the palette.

Fairy Tale – Ah how I wanted to love this shade. It looks so beautiful in the pan as a gorgeous light champagne glitter, BUT… the fall out is ridiculous, it gets everywhere both in the pan and on the face meaning. Sadly, I’m yet to find a way to use this well. As you can see from the swatch, it can also come across a little grainy.

Nudie – This is a mid-brown neutral shade which is perfect for transition shade and is again one I reach for most times I use the palette.

Tickle Me – Ah pretty shades. This is a rose gold/peachy shimmer that looks a little more taupe in the pan. It’s one of my favourite lid shimmer shades and leaves a gorgeous finish on the lid, with a smooth, non-grainy finish.

Don’t Settle – This has a similar feel and finish to Tickle Me, but is more of a cool, bronze taupe shade. It’s pretty but I don’t reach for it enough.

Fingers Crossed – This is a brown shade with purple undertones and golden flecks running through it. It’s nice, but not really a shade I reach for, especially with it seeming like a matte shade with flecks, this isn’t my favourite type of shadow.


Second Row

Lace Teddy – This is a light pink matte shade. Again, it’s a lovely base shade or blending shade which I use A LOT.

Satin Sheets – This is a very pretty pale pink shade with a champagne gold shimmer. I love this in the centre of the lid or on the inner corner.

Push-Up – This is a warm-toned, light brown/bronze shade which is lovely all over the lid with a darker eye look.

Honey Pot – My perfect golden shimmer shade. The Too Faced shimmer formula (like push-up, satin sheets and tickle me, etc.) are so soft and smooth that they almost look molten, meaning that honey pot looks like a light molten gold which goes so perfectly all over the lid.

Chocolate Martini – The formula of this is the same grainy texture as Fingers crossed which I just don’t like so I don’t reach for this either. It just doesn’t go on smoothly.

Undercover – Again, this is the grainy matte-with-a-glitter-in-it formula and with it being such a dark shade, it can seem a little patchy. Although, this does look very similar to Blackheart from Urban Decay… which I also don’t use a lot.


Third Row

Pink Cheeks – Cool-toned pinkish white shade with silvery shimmers. Perfect for the inner corner and as a brow bone highlight.

Kittens – A light purple-pink shimmer with a gold shift in the shimmer.

Bunny Nose –  A true medium pink shimmer shade with the shimmer being the same pinkish colours. I haven’t really tried these pink shades yet, they aren’t something I’d usually reach for, but I do want to push my boundaries a bit and try them out.

Moonbeam – This is a cool-toned slightly slivery champagne shade which is a nice medium if you want to try cool tones but aren’t quite ready to fully give up champagne shades yet.

Love Bug – This looks very much like a purple shimmer in the pan but is a bit more of a purple-taupe on the skin. It’s not my favourite type of shade but it does feel and look nice on the skin so I’m thinking I should properly try it sometime.

Smokin’ – I’m not really sure about this shade. It’s a little bit grainy and it’s a colour that doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. It’s looks like a slightly golden grey in the pan and looks like a bit of a gold / silver shimmer when swatched which isn’t that great in my opinion. I haven’t managed to incorporate it in a look yet.


Fourth Row

Poodle – This is very similar to Pink Cheeks, but it has a bit more of a standout/obvious shimmer so I like it on the inner corner if I want to have a bit more of a visible (over the top?) highlight.

Cutie Patootie – This is very much a rose gold shade with a texture like honey pot making it look melted on the skin. I use this similarly to Honey Pot but for more pink toned looks.

Dear Diary – This is a golden bronze shade, very similar to, but darker than Honey Pot. I don’t reach for this too often as I prefer the lighter and brighter look of Hone Pot, but it’s still pretty.

Coffee Date – A warmer tone than Dear Diary and like a darker version of Push-Up, again I would rather use the lighter shade so this doesn’t get a lot of use.

Spoiled – The shimmer in this is a bit more subtle and less in your face. It’s a neutral medium brown which is fairly standard for most palettes.

Night Fever – Very grainy, dark brown with a golden glitter. I’m not a fan of this shade at all.


Bottom Row

Spotlight – Back to the mattes, this is a mid, warm tone yellow shade which I like for blending and transition.

Honey Butter – I use this similarly to Spotlight, but it’s more of an orange/peachy shade which I use for warmer and pink toned looks.

Honeymoon – Now this is a favourite of mine. It’s slightly grainier than the other shimmers but not unusable and it’s very much a light peach shimmer with golden highlights.

Hot & Bothered – Again this is a favourite and I never thought it would be. I don’t usually like orange shades but I love this and it is a golden terracotta metallic shade that I love in the lid with Honeymoon in the centre to highlight. Beautiful shades.

Makeup & Chill – This and the next shade are what’s missing from most palettes and I’m so glad I FINALLY have a palette with them. Make-up and chill is a deep matte brown. In the pan, it looks more warm toned but on my skin it shows up as more of a neutral tone and I really love this for deepening the lash line and outer corner. This is good in the day time as it’s a little softer than a black or a liquid liner.

Stiletto – Why don’t more palettes have a matte black? These are so, so useful. I like this for a softer lash line than a liquid liner, to smoke out/set a pencil liner or for the outer corner of darker eye looks. It’s simple but prefect and necessary in all collections.

That’s a lot of shadows and I don’t really think it’s surprising that I don’t really reach for some because with 30 shades, it’s hard to not be overwhelmed and just use a select few favourites. I want to change this habit though and push myself out of my comfort zone by using more cool tones and pinks that I don’t usually go for.

Bottom Line

Overall, the pale shades (both matte and shimmer) are smooth and buttery, blend well and look good on the skin., Although Fairy Tale is an exception to this and is very grainy with lots of fall out.


The darker shimmer and glitter shades are a lot more grainy and don’t blend quite as well as the paler shades. This may partially be because there are more glitter-in-matte-powder shades which are dark, but overall, I’m less impressed with the right two columns of the palette… except for the bottom row because the dark matte shades are soft. blend well and leave a perfect finish. The darker mattes are also missing from most palettes, so it makes a really nice change.

Unfortunately the grainy feel of the shades just isn’t something I’m used to from Too Faced so I’m a little disappointed in that and I’m not sure if that’s because the formula is different with their limited edition products compared to the main range which are the only palettes I have previously tried.


At the end of the day the big question is, do I think this is worth the $59 price tag? If you have lots of other palettes, such as the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette or the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, probably not as there are lots of similar shades. This is especially the case if like me you would mainly reach for the gold and bronze shades as there is a large number of shades that you wouldn’t reach for. On the other hand, if you don’t have many other palettes and are wanting a wide selection, this is a perfect option.

Unfortunately, it seems to be out of stock everywhere and I think it was limited edition (safe to say I’m a bit late with this review) but if they did release a similar palette again… I wouldn’t be rushing to buy it.

I’d love to know your opinion on palettes like this? Do you think the formula is different for the Too Faced Limited Edition palettes? Let me know in the Comments!

Thanks for reading,


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