My Novelty Mug Collection…

I will admit, the size of my collection may be a little excess for the size of my flat (a studio which is in total smaller than my parent’s living room) but I can’t help it, I really love collecting novelty mugs. By novelty, I mean themed and 3D mugs, mostly… all either Disney or Harry Potter. I’ve been collecting these for about 3 years now and they are from various different shops, but mostly Disney Store or Primark.


Disney Store Mugs

Beauty and the Beast Chip (Disney Store, £14.99)

I’ve had this mug for almost a year now. My lovely mum got me this as an Easter present last year which I just wasn’t expecting. She knew my disappointment in not managing to get the Primark one and surprised me with this. I really like using this for a coffee or hot chocolate. It’s a very good size and is completely smoothed out inside making it really easy to clean. Sadly, the size does reduce the cuteness, but it is still lovely and a lot more practical than the Primark Chip mug. You do also have to be careful of the tilt on this, the rim isn’t parallel to the base, so it can be easier to spill or over flow if you don’t pay attention to all sides!


Snow White Poison Apple (Disney Store, £12.99)

I got my poison apple back in November on a trip to Manchester to get my phone fixed. With the Apple store and Disney store being next to each other, how could I not take a peek? I’d had my eye on the poison apple for a long time and I finally bit the bullet. As with most Disney store mugs, this is HUGE. It holds so much and because of this I personally prefer to use this with coffee or hot chocolate over tea, but it can easily be used for any. It looks a bit like a difficult shape initially, but it is mostly round so I’ve had no problems with it.


Minnie Mouse and Goofy Cappuccino Mugs (Disney Store, £8.99 each)

This and the goofy mug from the same collection are some of my oldest ones and they are about 3 years old at least now which does sadly mean that they aren’t available anymore. I had wanted the full set of these, but I got them on an offer so there just weren’t any let. These are so big that they actually make good soup or porridge bowls which is easier to hold despite the heat because of the handle. These are probably the most normal/practical mugs I’ve had from Disney store, but I don’t actually use them very often.

Mickey Mouse Memories Mugs 1 and 2 of 12 (Disney Store, £12.50 each)

If you haven’t heard of the Mickey Mouse Memories mugs, you are missing out. These are a limited-edition collection of stackable mugs. A new one is released each month on the 18th of the month (so I actually have another one to get now) and I plan on collecting them all. The patterns are different each month and are based on the eras since Mickey first began. The first one is the silver and it’s based on Steamboat Willie and the second is gold, based on the 1920’s with an art-deco feel to it.


Wall-E and Eve 3D Mugs (Disney Store, £12.99 each)

These are where my collection began. I saw these three years ago and I just fell in love with them, although I did struggle to get them because they sold out really quickly meaning it took me a few searches in store before I had my hands on both. They are both really good sizes, Eve is round meaning it’s easy to drink from, but Wall-E is square meaning that you either need to pick a corner or spill you drink everywhere. I’ve probably only actually used Wall-E once or twice and since then it’s be my paint brush holder. Sadly, this last year Eve has been caught up in one of my boxes back home so I haven’t been able to use it but they should be reunited when I move in a couple of months.


Unfortunately, these aren’t available anymore either.

Primark Mugs

Annoyingly, I won’t be able to link any of these mugs as Primark is instore only, but I do recommend you check your local store as they have so many lovely ones to find!

Beauty and the Beast Mrs Potts Teapot (Primark, £10)

Not technically a mug, but still worth mentioning because the collection wouldn’t be complete without it. I personally chose to get this as an ornament and not for actual use, but it does seem to be fully functional. Considering it’s from Primark and actually costs less than a single mug from the Disney store. I will admit that the paint isn’t prefect, especially not on the base, but it’s still really lovely for the price and if you an find it, I certainly recommend it.


Beauty and the Beast Chip (Primark, £5)

Oh the struggles I had getting my hands on this… I think it was first released this time last year and as soon as I saw photos online, I knew I wanted one. As most people know, they were notoriously difficult to get hold of and I didn’t actually find mine until October when there seemed to be a new wave of them released. I haven’t seen these again since then but hopefully they may pop up again. Again, I haven’t actually used this but I’m not even sure how good this would be for holding a drink due to the tilt and the generally small size.


Beauty and the Beast Chip Blowing Bubbles (Primark, £5)

So, this is a very new release and I might have gone on a bit of a hunt for it… all the way to Blackpool first thing on a Saturday morning (I don’t know how Dom puts up with me considering he drove me there and back just for this and a Disney Store visit)… anyway, I really love how cute this mug is, I can completely picture the scene in the film when I look at it and it can’t help but make me happy. I also want to note that the quality on this is SO MUCH BETTER than the previous Chip mug and the Mrs Potts Teapot which is really great considering the price hasn’t changed.


Mickey Mouse Trousers and Minnie Mouse Skirt Mugs (Primark, £6 each)

More purchases from back in October/November, I should really slow down on the mug purchases… Anyway, I thought these looked really nice for His and Hers mugs (It’s the only one Dom uses at mine) and were just generally very cute. I’m actually very surprised that Primark were allowed to use this design as Disney Store were stocking identical designs at the same time but for double the price each. Either way, they are a good size but a little difficult to clean because there are some overhang edges trapping the liquid in hard to clean corners.


Harry Potter Hufflepuff Crest Mug (Primark, £5)

This one had to be fate. The only house mug stocked in my local store just happened to be my house (HUFFLEPUFF AND PROUD). It’s a little small, but not so small it’s unusable. I really like it for my fruit teas as it holds the right amount that I like to drink of those without having loads of empty space. The shape is a little strange with the bulbous bottom and thinner neck, it can be tricky to get in to clean but it’s not too narrow for me at least.


Harry Potter Cauldron Mug (Primark, £5)

We all need a cauldron if we want to go to Hogwarts and cook up some potions! Ok, so I may not have gone to Hogwarts (my letter must have been lost in the owl post), but I still like this to brew my fruit tea potions in. It’s a good size, easy to drink from and easy to clean making it good to use although, generally I reach for other favourites instead of this.


Hawkins Bazaar Mugs

Marauder’s Map Colour Changing Mug and Patronus Colour Changing Mug (Hawkins Bazaar, £7.50 each)

Who doesn’t love a good colour changing mug? These reveal some beautiful aspects of the wizarding world. The colours used in the Patronus are beautiful wispy blues with a hidden darkness revealed in the change. On the other hand, the marauder’s map reveals the map with my favourite quotes shown before the change.


Sadly, I couldn’t link the Marauder’s Map Mug as it’s no longer in stock… I’ve not done so well with linking the mugs…

So, I think that’s all of my special mugs. I’m definitely going to be collecting more in future but I’ll rein it in until I finish university… I may have run out of space. I really love collecting and displaying these, hopefully I’ll have a shelving unit to display these on when I move house, but we’ll see… In all honesty, I need to get a job before I can even think about where I’ll be living, but a girl can dream.


Thanks for reading,


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