Artwork of the Week

As I said in my last artwork post, I had more Minions to come and I’m not going to disappoint! The different this time however is that instead of a standard Minion, I drew a crossover Minion, one that’s fairly easy to guess…


I really enjoyed drawing this Harry Potter Minion. As with the rest of my artwork, this was Prismacolor Premier pencils on Strathmore Toned Tan paper. I really love how the bright colours stand out on the tan paper, it looks so much more effective to me than using the colours on plain white paper. I’m especially looking forward to doing some white drawings on it as you will actually be able to see them! I’m thinking maybe Baymax or Olaf? I’d love to hear some of your suggestions too! Maybe I could keep it in the theme of this one and do a cartoon Hedwig?


Anyway, Harry Minion was my last drawing in a series of three with Kevin Minion and Iron Minion, all of which I was commissioned for a recipient to get in April so I’m on time for that and I really love how the three look together! What do you think?


Thanks for reading,


p.s. I’m beginning to think I should change my “Thanks for reading” to “Thanks for looking” on these posts as they are much more about the pictures than the words!

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