Winter Favourites 2017/18

It’s that time of year again now where I want to do a favourites post. There are a lot changes with my skin through the winter leading to a skincare switch up, and I got a lot of lovely new items for Christmas so it’s no wonder I have a fair few to get through!


Stila Convertible Colour in Camellia (M&S, £16)

Stila is a relatively new brand to me and I first got this back in the Autumn but really started making use of it in the winter. This is the only cream blush that I think I have at the minute and I really like it for keeping my skin dewy in the winter. I try and avoid layering to much powder on my skin at the time of year when m skin is already at it’s driest so it was perfect for that. I don’t really want to say too much more because I’m planning a dedicated post (I think you’ll read that a lot this blog…) but I really do recommend trying it on the cheeks with dryer skin… but not on the lips even if it is said to be good for there.


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (Boots, £8.99)

Sadly, the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes I was using finally ran out and I just can’t justify the price of it, especially while I’m at university and there are so many good drugstore options. This led me back to an old faithful in Maybelline Lash Sensational, which renewed my love of it. I think, with mascaras, we change them up so much that it’s easy to forget which one gave which results. I’d forgotten how much this one lengthened and separated my lashes for a lovely no-clumpy daytime look, which is what I want 95% of the time. I’ve been in search of a holy grail mascara for a long time, and this may just be it. If not, it’s pretty close.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light (Travel Size, Space NK, £19)

This is probably the most high-end and expensive makeup product I’ve ever purchased, but I’m so glad I did. Using this as a finishing powder adds a lovely blurred effect to my skin which helps hide any bumps and uneven-ness on my skin. I didn’t know it was possible for my skin to look as good as it does when I use this, and I love it. With it being a relatively solid pressed powder, it’s easy to use little amounts at a time and not waste the product, which is great when it’s the price it is. I got this in the travel size, so I could see if it would actually work for me and now I’m using it every time I wear makeup, so I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the full size when it’s all gone… in about a year probably with how slowly it’s going down. 


No Makeup Days

This may seem a bit strange seeing as I have also got some makeup products in my favourites, but the majority of the time right now I’m not even wearing makeup. Especially while at university, I’m going weeks at a time without using any and my skin is well and truly thanking me for it. I’m getting very few blemishes at the moment and I think this is from a combination of letting my skin breath and working even more on my skincare routine. Somehow, even university stress isn’t ruining my skin at the moment… On top of this, my self confidence without makeup has soared recently. I don’t feel like I have to hide when I don’t wear makeup, instead I feel pretty good about it and I’ve not had any negative comments because of it which is a really good feeling. I’ve also found from this that when I do wear makeup now, I’m really enjoying playing with the products and thinking more about which products I’m using, and this has made me even happier about it.

Jojoba Oil (Holland and Barrett, £19.99)

Talking about working on my skincare regime… I’ve had Jojoba Oil (I’m so glad I don’t film stuff for youtube, no way can I pronounce Jojoba correctly) since last April, the same Holland and Barrett bottle actually, but through the summer I don’t need that sort of thing as much because my skin isn’t as dry. Flash forward to November and I was needing to use this pretty much daily. It’s a really lovely feeling oil which I use (smother) on my skin after I moisturise in the evening and when I wakeup it’ll all have sunken in and my skin will feel super soft and any dry patches will have disappeared. I also like using this dabbed under my eyes a little while before I apply my makeup if the skin is feeling a little dry and my makeup sits so much better after. I decided to get this oil after looking into different skincare oils and finding them very expensive and full of stuff that isn’t so good for my skin, so I eventually landed on this and it does exactly what I wanted it to do.


It’s Skin Power 10 Formula GF Effector Serum (ASOS, £12)

I’ve only just done a full post about this, so I will try to keep it short… I’ve almost finished my first full size bottle (having also used a travel size bottle) and I will 100% be buying another bottle very soon. I find that this really plumps up and hydrates my skin. I especially noticed this when I first tried it, my skin is instantly softer and feels so much better. I really think this is worth a try if you regularly struggle with dehydrated skin.


Strathmore Toned Tan Paper (Amazon, £10.99)

Onto my non-beauty related products… This paper had changed the game with my artwork. I’ve had it for a while, but my artwork has really flared since Christmas, so I’ve used this a lot more. Using colours on this paper really makes them pop. It’s a lot easier to make lighter areas stand out as they don’t just blend into a white background and most colours really look good. I also find the finish of the Strathmore Toned Tan paper works a lot better with colour pencils I use than the paper I had before, so I don’t have to work the colours as hard for the same result. If you’re an artist using coloured pencils as your medium, I recommend trying non-white papers.


Disney Poison Apple Mug (Disney Store, £12.99)

This was another November purchase of mine. I will admit, I’m a little too obsessed with novelty mugs, especially from Disney and Harry Potter, so I’ve gained several more since I got this one, but for some reason I always reach for my Poison Apple. I think this is largely because it’s a good size and looks really good while also being an easy shape to drink from… unlike the square Wall-E mug.


Harry Potter Illustrated Editions (Amazon, £15 each)

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a bit of a Harry Potter and Disney collector. I do plan on sharing more of my collection eventually, but it will be a long post to write so it may not happen until I’m settled wherever I go after finishing university. Some very recent additions to my collection are the Illustrated editions of the first three books. I really love the style of the artwork in the books and find them very inspiring for my own artwork. At the same time, I love the next level of imagination that they can add. For people who struggle to picture what’s going on, this really helps without being overly driven and removing most of the imagination, as it is in films. I’ve looked through the pictures of these quite a bit and spent time admiring them, but not yet read my way through. I’m currently doing this with the illustrated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and I’ll move on to Philosopher’s Stone next.


My Mission Empties

I know this sounds like a strange one, but my mission empties is 100% a favourite right now. It’s made me properly look at the stack of products on my shelves and shop my stash instead of going out to by more. As well as having the goal to use products up, I’ve been saving the empty packaging to do a blog post on what I’ve finished and seeing this pile build up is really motivating me. I honestly didn’t realise how many products I get through but it’s rather a lot… That is partially because I had a lot of products quite low already, but either way it was eye opening. I’m planning on having an empties post up soon so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested!


I’d love to know what your favourites have been this winter, for me it’s a time of year when products change up a lot and we receive a lot of lovely presents for Christmas, so we do get a lot of new favourites and I’d love some of our recommendations!

Thanks for reading,


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