Lush Full of Grace Solid Serum Bar – Not for me

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I have some real problems finding skincare products which don’t aggravate my eczema. A lot of the time I’m ok with Lush because I can try a sample before purchase, however there are some products which you can’t always try first and others which only react over repeated uses, so sometimes I still end up purchasing products that just don’t work for me…

Full of Grace is a solid serum bar that I tried about a year ago now and it’s been sat in a box unused since about three days after I got it. This was one of those products that, because it’s a solid bar, you can test on your skin in store but not take a sample home for a trial over a couple of days. This meant that I purchased it even though I wasn’t sure that it would be good for me.


I love the feel and smell of this. I find with serums in general that, as they are quite runny, you end up using way too much product. With this being a solid bar that melts with the heat from your skin, it’s a lot easier to decide how much to use as you rub it until you have enough on your hands, then put it down and apply the product to your skin. The smell of it is beautiful. It has a very pretty, but also quite strong, floral scent which I loved but may be off putting to some. This will be from the various rose ingredients which it contains, it may also be these fragrance components which cause my eczema to flare up, I’m not really sure. It also contains a couple of calamine ingredients which are what drew me to it in the first place as calamine has always been very soothing for my skin, however despite this I still had a bad reaction.

The reaction I had, started after about 3 Days of use. My skin started to get very rough especially on my cheeks by my nose/below my eyes. This is generally the first trigger location for me. Following this, over night it spread to also affect my forehead and temple on the left side (the left side of my face is always worse for eczema) in a similar way. As this was the only new product I was using, I put it away and started applying my eczema creams and the reaction fully went down after about a week.


I’d had high hopes for this and was sadly disappointed. This is of course only my reaction and as everyone’s skin is different, there will be a large proportion of people who don’t have this problem and can happily use and love it, however, if you do have sensitive skin I would recommend proceeding with caution.

About 6 months ago, too late for this product but not for others that have caused me problems, I learnt that you can take products back to Lush if you have a bad reaction and they will give you a refund. They also write down the problem that you had with it, so the company is aware of the possible bad reactions it could cause. I think this is a really fantastic policy and because of that and the samples they provide to test at home, I really do highly recommend Lush products in general… just maybe not Full of Grace…


Lush Full of Grace is available for £8.25 here.

Please let me know in the comments which Lush skincare products are your favourites and which you won’t be buying again!

Thanks for reading,


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