Christmas Treats: Marzipan Fruits

Marzipan fruits are something I’ve been making for my Dad since I was 4 years old, with the exception of last year when I wasn’t home early enough. It began as something we made from the scraps of the marzipan from my mum icing the cakes but has progressed into an entire block being dedicated to them.


For those that haven’t seen them before, marzipan fruits/sweets are basically lumps of marzipan coloured and shaped to look like fruit. You can buy these already made but it’s so much more fun to make your own, and here’s how I do it!



  • Block of natural coloured marzipan (you could alternatively make your own almond paste for this, I intend to eventually (maybe next year) but haven’t yet.
  • Food colouring in any colours you want (I use red, green and orange), gel food colouring works better than liquid.
  • Cloves
  • Candied Angelica (optional)
  • Caster Sugar
  • Chocolate (optional) 


  • Mini cupcake cases
  • Tower cheese grater
  • Knife (doesn’t need to be sharp, just enough to cut marzipan)
  • Some type of surface that you don’t mind being stained by food colouring… my Gran has a chopping board stained blue from one of my brother’s creations when we were little.


  • Start by sectioning out the marzipan into the portions you are going to colour, I sectioned mine into three and then one of the sections in half again, so I had two larger sections and two smaller sections.


  • Following this, I kneaded one of the sections so it was nice and soft, then created a well in the middle to add the colour to.


  • Close the marzipan around this well so the colour is at the centre and begin kneading it again until the colour is even on all of the marzipan. This is very time consuming and you may need to keep adding more food colouring until you get the desired colour.


  • Once the colour is even throughout, roll it out and cut into pieces with a 15mm diameter when rolled into a ball. Now you can shape your desired fruits! I chose to make:
    • Chocolate coated strawberries – these came out more pink than red but still look pretty good. To get the outside texture of these, I rolled them on the small circular side of the cheese grater (I don’t know how else to describe it) and then I decided to dip them in dark chocolate to add another texture and flavour. I also added a clove to the top of each for the stem, but if you have some candied angelica, this would work better as it’s the right colour for strawberry stems. Alternatively, in the past I have used caster sugar for the outer texture which also works nicely but I wanted to use the chocolate instead.
    • Green Apples – I’m really happy with how these turned out, the colour was nice and vibrant, I then used a clove in each end, one with the stem sticking out and the other sticking in, to act as the core.
    • Bananas – my bananas looked a little pale because I used natural marzipan and didn’t have any yellow food colouring, but they still look quite good. I used cloves in either end similarly to the apples and then some chocolate to colour the skin a little. This was best applied with a cocktail stick so it’s nice and fine.
    • Oranges – these have always been my favourite to make as they look so effective. The orange food colouring probably colours the marzipan best and the same size of the cheese grater as the strawberry works really well for the skin texture. Once again, a clove with the stem inwards was used on the top.


This is 100% a tried and tested method as I’ve been doing it for 18 years now! I think they look great and my family always really enjoy them. I would love to know if you have made any of these in the past or attempt to make them after reading this! It’s such a cheap and easy present that looks a lot more expensive than it is.

Thanks for reading,


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