Creating a bit of Sparkle at Christmas – Stila Written in the Stars Gift Set

If there’s any time of year that you can wear a tonne of glitter, it’s at Christmas and nothing stands out more for this to me than the Stila Written in the Stars gift set. This contains 3 of their magnificent metals glitter and glow eyeshadows in miniature form (2.25ml of each).


These are in a little white box with gold stud effect borders. Each eyeshadow is in a little clear plastic tub, like a miniature liquid lipstick, which is square shaped with a matte gold lid that takes up half the total length. The branding is on the clear part of the tube in a shiny gold, but the glitter behind makes it difficult to read from some angles.

The shades included in the set are Diamond Dust, Kitten Karma and Smoky Storm. Before buying this set, I hadn’t tried any of the Magnificent Metals collection so being able to try three for only slightly more than the price of one is fantastic, especially when you have been unsure about what colour you want to try.


Diamond Dust – This is a silver glitter. It’s the most patchy of all of those in this set as there doesn’t seem to be much of a base colour to it so you would either need another eyeshadow underneath or bare skin would be visible.


Kitten Karma – This is a rose gold glitter with a base light pink shade. It’s the most opaque of those in this set because of the base. If a sparser glitter effect is wanted, gently tapping a little over the lid works best to diffuse it.


Smoky Storm – This is cool silver-gold glitter with a bronzy brown base. The opacity of this is much better than diamond dust but isn’t quite as good as kitten karma. Again, it can be made sparser the same as Kitten Karma.


Overall, I do really like these to add a festive sparkle to my makeup, more so than anything else I have tried, however I recommend doing the eyeshadow before the foundation when using these because I have had a lot of glitter fall down from all three. I’ve also found that they don’t seem to properly dry down, meaning they can move around which isn’t the best but also hasn’t caused too many problems for me.


If you are looking for something to add a different touch to your makeup look or as a present for someone who loves a glittery sparkle, it’s worth taking a look at these.

Buy the Written in the Stars set here or individual Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Eyeshadows here!

You may also be able to find it in store at Marks & Spencer.

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