Christmas Traditions

As I’ve got older, Christmas has become ever more important to me as I get to spend time with my family, something that’s few and far between since I moved to university, and as a reminder of all the amazing Christmases I had as a kid. The most special reminder for me is the Christmas baubles, I would collect a new one each year and I still do for myself now.


I’m never going to be someone with a colour scheme on my Christmas tree, because the miss-matched stories are so much more special. I just wanted to share some pictures of these alongside my current favourite Christmas “traditions” that we have… most are food or drink related…


Boxing Day Curry

This is how we used to use leftovers but now we don’t really have many and it’s become more of a standalone. We usually have a fully homemade mild curry which is so, so delicious because my mum is a fantastic cook.  It has to be mild though because I’m not great with spices!


Christmas Morning Bucks Fizz and Panettone

Once my gran and uncle arrive, we begin celebrating properly with some bucks fizz and a fruit filled panettone. I will admit that I’m not a massive fan of the panettone, but I will eat a little bit. I think what I love most about this time is seeing family members who I don’t see often and enjoying the closeness of everyone being together.


Watching The Snowman on Christmas Eve

I usually spend Christmas eve evening cuddled up n the sofa in my Christmas pyjamas (The Grinch this year) with a mulled wine, watching the snowman while the fire crackles away, perfect.


An after-dinner nap on Christmas Day

For years now, I have been doing this, once we’ve finished dinner and my parents are sorting other stuff out, I stretch out on the sofa to have a good nap. Four years ago, we had just got my cat and he curled up under the duvet with me and napped too which was so cute. Now he generally stretches in front of the fire all day.


Having the fire going all day on Christmas Day and Boxing Day

This has probably been my favourite ever since I was a little kid. I love the cosiness of a fire and it’s rare that we light one before 5pm, except at Christmas. I always sit by the fire when we open presents, keeping nice and toasty.


This year may be the last Christmas Day I spend at my parent’s, so I’m going to make the most of it. Let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas moments are!


Sadly, I can’t link the baubles as a lot are from my childhood and I don’t know where they are from or they are no longer available.

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