My Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Collection

I wrote a first impressions post of these back in March with the intention to write a full review/updated opinion post a few months later but never got round to it, well, until now. My collection has certainly grown since then too so it’s about time I update you.


When I posted before I had the shades Gingersnap and Take Me For Pomegranate. Since then, I have also got Versailles, ASOS Nude and most recently, ASOS Red. Can you guess where I’ve been buying them from? These are £16 each although ASOS does do student discount and it’s worth keeping an eye on their new beauty box as that’s how I received ASOS Red. The box itself was only £15 so it was cheaper for the box (which also included many other fantastic items) than it was to buy the lip whip separately. Although, annoyingly, they seem to release these boxes very sporadically and there isn’t any way to subscribe to them or know when they are being released so you just have to regularly check the site.

If you want details about the packaging and my first thoughts of Gingersnap and Take Me For Pomegranate, read my original post!


As I was before, I’m still very impressed with the lasting power of these. I have used them on many occasions now, from weddings to nights out. Basically, anytime I want something long lasting which I don’t need to worry about through food and drink, these never fail me. I couldn’t comment on the smell when I first posted because I had a cold and a blocked nose but I don’t have that problem now. The smell of these is quite chemically, but it’s very feint and unobtrusive. Unless I’m specifically trying to smell it and have it quite close to my nose, I really don’t notice it. For this reason, I think it will be absolutely fine for anyone susceptible to scents.


Gingersnap – Warm reddish brown. I love this shade, the name is very much appropriate as it very much matches the shade of some freshly cooked gingerbread which works very well with my skin tone for a deeper lip in the Autumn/Winter. I’m getting a lot of use out of it now!


ASOS Nude – Light warm beige. This is pretty, but sadly it’s a bit too beige for me, I think I need something pinker than this, especially if it’s pale. Otherwise it looks a bit too much like I have covered my lips in concealer – not a good look! Instead, I usually use this to lighten Gingersnap, or they could even work together as an ombre lip.


Versailles – This is a cool, blue-undertone pink shade. It’s a little darker than it looked in photos and a little cooler, but I still really like it. This is probably my most worn shade from the brand and I think I will especially get a lot of use out of it in the Spring.


Take Me For Pomegranate – Bright pink with warm, red undertones. This is a very summery shade for me, I like wearing it as a pop of colour in contrast to a blue top if I’m going out. I don’t wear shades like this too often, but it’s still a staple in my collection and I always love it when I do wear it. This could also work well as an ombre lip with Versailles.


ASOS Red – This is a bright, pillar-box red. The undertones are neutral and it really is the classic red shade for me. I can’t wait to pull this out at Christmas. It’s definitely a contender for my Christmas Day lipstick, it’s so festive and perfect all year round.


The formula for all the new lip whips I have brought have been the same as the original two, very matte and slightly drying the longer they are worn. Despite this, if I apply a lip balm over the top, it softens back up again.

Unlike the others, I have noticed that ASOS red left a couple of small flecks on my drinks glass but it wasn’t anything excessive and didn’t affect how it looked on my lips. This may mean that I applied it too heavily, especially as I only noticed it on one occasion.


I still 100% recommend these. Yes, they are a little drying but, if you’re lazy like me, the staying power is well worth it. I would suggest that you are wary of the shades on a screen though, the pictures I have seen on ASOS don’t quite match what I’ve received.

Purchase Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips, Remover and their other products here!

I would love to know what you think of these lip whips and what shade you think I should get myself next!

Thanks for reading,


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