Morphe Limited Edition Copper Spice Palette First Impressions

I have been lusting after the Morphe Copper Spice palette for quite a while now when Em Sheldon of posted on her Instagram story that it had gone down from £19.00 to £13.30 on Beauty Bay which seemed like such a great bargain that I just couldn’t resist! Sadly, since then it has gone out of stock, but I have linked the page anyway just in case it comes back. It may also be worth a search as you might be able to get it elsewhere!


When I say first impressions, I mean that very literally as I haven’t even tried this on my eyes yet, but it will be going with me for my long weekend in London, which I will have just got to when this goes live! I’ve decided to post this anyway because this is my first time trying Morphe and ordering from Beauty Bay, so I wanted to fill you in on my opinion and then give you an update on the palette in a month or so once I have actually used it.


Ordering from Beauty Bay to the UK was a very quick and easy experience. They have free shipping over £15 (so yes, I may have brought a Frank Body Coconut Scrub too) and surprisingly, I ordered this late on the Friday evening and it arrived around midday on the Monday which is so quick compared to other online beauty shops. It was well packaged in bubble wrap directly around the palette inside the Morphe box and paper padding in the external box, so everything was in perfect condition.


The palette itself was smaller than I expected at 6 inches by 5 ¾ inches and a centimetre thick, but I’m actually glad about this because it’s much more travel friendly than I’d thought it would be so it’s perfect for this weekend, especially with the golden, autumnal shades. There are 25 pans in the palette, ranging from fairly light through to black and in matte, shimmer and foil/metallic finishes.


I may not have tried this on my eye lids yet, but I just couldn’t resist swatching them for you (and myself). The shades aren’t named so I have numbered them in the picture below and swatch in rows, starting with the left pan. The swatches I did were with my finger so I don’t know how they will look applied with a brush yet.

First Row


These are the palest shades in the palette, although on my skin, none of them disappear so they aren’t as light as shades available in other palettes. These will still make good base and light transition shades for me, but there’s no inner corner or brow bone highlight.

1 – Pale warm peach matte.

2 – Pale warm beige matte.

3 – Peach matte, a shade darker than 1.

4 – Light terracotta shimmer, a couple of shades darker than 3.

5 – Matte warm Beige, a couple of shades darker than 2.

Second Row


6 – Light brown with golden shimmer.

7 – Light brown shade, similar to 6, but with a matte finish.

8 – Light brown matte, a shade darker than 7 and slightly more cool toned.

9 – Light brown matte, similar to 8, but warm toned.

10 – Yellow under-toned light beige-brown matte, a couple of shades darker than 5.

Third Row


11 – Redish brown matte.

12 – Neutral brown with a golden shimmer. Slightly bigger shimmer particles than 6.

13 – Cool-toned brown matte.

14 – Slightly warm-toned brown matte a shade or so darker than 11.

15 – Neutral-toned brown matte, very similar to 14.

Fourth Row


16 – Light peach foil metallic.

17 – Cool-toned oatmeal foil metallic.

18 – Warm-toned bronze foil metallic.

19 – Deep golden foil metallic.

20 – Warm-toned copper foil metallic.

Fifth Row


21 – Cool-toned rose gold metallic.

22 – Dark brown shimmer.

23 – Dark brown with gold flecks, not quite a shimmer as the base shadow and fine glitter don’t seem well combined.

24 –  Dark brown matte. Struggled with pigmentation in the swatch.

25 – Black matte.

One of the main things I noticed while swatching these is that there is very little difference between some of the shades such as 14 and 15, which does seem to be common to Morphe palettes from what I’ve read, but I don’t think I would use both. Although, I suppose if one was used up, at least I could move on to the other (not that I tend to use up palettes that much considering I have so many!).

The reason I brought this palette was because of how beautiful the foiled metallic shades looked in the photos and they really didn’t disappoint when swatched. These are the showstoppers of the palette and I can’t wait to see how they look on the eyes. I did find that applied too thickly with the finger, these seemed to flake a little but hopefully they will work better with a brush.


All the shades have a very nice texture. The mattes we soft, blended well and weren’t chalky (although some struggled with pigmentation); while the simmers were soft and not at all grainy. The metallic were lovely and buttery, but I am concerned about the flaking I experienced.

Overall, I’m happy with the palette so far, but we’ll see how it goes when it’s applied to the eyes! I will update you on that soon! I would love to know what you think of Morphe products and what you suggest I try next!

Thanks for reading,


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