Storybook Cosmetics Rose Makeup Brush Set Review

After I reviewed the Harry Potter wand brushes did you really think I wouldn’t get the Storybook Cosmetic Rose Brushes too? (I do want the eye shadow palette but I’m a bit low on the funds at the minute!) You can certainly say that I’m a sucker for pretty and novelty brushes so this won’t be the last post you read from me about that sort of thing!
Storybook_Cosmetics_Rose_Brushes_Header  I ordered these on the first pre-release back at the start of May but it’s taken some time to arrive as I was sadly one of the last to have my brushes sent out so I didn’t receive them until the middle of July, not helped by the cross Atlantic shipping destination. As this was a pre-order, I didn’t expect them too soon although they did start sending them out later than expected so it was delayed.

If you want the short summary, skip to the bottom line paragraph at the end!


The brushes and makeup bag arrived very well packaged. On opening the outer box there were lots of large bubble bags to stop damage. With these were the makeup bag and a second, much smaller box. Inside this box were the brushes wrapped in yet more bubble wrap with soft meshes around the brush heads to keep them properly wrapped up and to further stop damage. I thought this was brilliant, no worry about damage in transit, you can rest easy knowing that however much the box gets battered, the products inside will be perfect! Of course all f this was perfectly wrapped in tissue paper covered in the Storybook cosmetics logo.


Onto the bag first, it was a lot bigger than I expected which I’m so happy about. It’s more than big enough to fit these brushes and several more, or all the makeup I could need for a weekend away. The design of it is very pretty and I think they made the best decision in not releasing the full design until after the brushes went on sale. It will have definitely helped to reduce the fakes at least initially and frankly, the fakes on EBay look so bad, they weren’t at all worth ordering for a comparison, I highly recommend you avoid those!
Back to the bag, on one side is the Shakespearian quote that inspired it all (not Beauty and the Beast as most people say) with a black background, the quote in white and William Shakespeare in a soft baby pink. On the other side is a white background covered in a collage of light and dark pink roses interspersed with the Storybook Cosmetics company logo. The same material is used for both sides and it’s a very soft, flexible plastic which is also carried onto the baby pink seam separating the two sides. The zip is a bright pink, matching the darkest roses and the inside fabric lining. The final details are the zip pull, with a little disc sporting the storybook “S” and a pink bow. The pink bow isn’t so much to my taste but it does go with the overall look of the bag so no complaints!


The brushes themselves are of course beautiful but if I’m truly honest, they aren’t the most practical. The set includes 4 fluffy face brushes all with thin rose stem handles, leaves around the ferrule and ombre red bristles, mimicking rose petals as much as possible considering they are still usable brushes. The soft, fluffy bristles are most certainly intended to be used for powders as the don’t feel dense enough to work well with liquid and cream products and using them for that purpose may be damaging.
The stems of the brushes are very thin, as a rose stem would be, however I think this is what makes them so difficult to use. Despite being made of metal, the handles a much lighter than the brush head so they can feel top heavy and don’t balance well for use. I also think they size difference takes some getting used to and makes them less comfortable for me so I often hold them by the ferrule instead of the stem. It probably also doesn’t help that the stems are slightly bent with ridges and notches, making them look very authentic, but not so practical.  Adding the final touch, are 3 leaves bent around the ferrule. These are the perfect length compared to the ferrule to not inhibit the use of the brush or touch the skin with use.


The set includes the following brushes;

Round Powder Rose Brush – This is the largest brush in the set with an even rounded top that you would associate with a classic powder brush. Personally I use this for a translucent face powder.


Tapered End Powder Rose Brush – This brush is only slightly smaller than the rounded brush, the bristles are the same length but the overall shape is narrower and the bristles form more of a soft point at the end. I like to use this with translucent powders as well, however I use it in areas where I would like pore precision, such as under the eyes or around the nose.


Angled Powder Rose Brush – This is one of the smallest brushes, the bristles start similarly to the rounded brush but are cut closer to the ferrule at an even angle. The ferrule of this is also an oval shape instead of the round shape of the other three, making the angled face more prominent. For me this is best used with blush or bronzer/contour as the angled shape assists placement.


Flat Powder Rose Brush – This is the other smallest brush with the least dense bristles. The head is cut to a similar length as the highest side on the angled brush but flat across. I find this the most difficult brush to use as I haven’t found a way for it to apply product with a finish I like. I have to say though, this is with brushes like this in general, not just the storybook version!



Overall, I love how beautiful these brushes look, they are second to none and no EBay copy could compare. Despite this though, they aren’t very practical to use with the off-balance weight from the thin stems compared to the large head with metal leaves. If you can work past this by perhaps holding the ferrule instead of the stem, the bristles are incredibly soft and distribute powder products perfectly.

For close to £60 for the 4 brush set with UK delivery I do think you need to consider properly whether these are worth it for you as some people may struggle to get on with them, however, if you are a sucker for novelty brushes like me then I don’t think you’ll want to miss out on a beautiful, yet still usable, product!


Let me know in the comments what you think of the Storybook Cosmetics brushes and whether you think they are worth the delivery across the Atlantic!

Thanks for reading,


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