My Skincare Routine – July 2017

I have been wanting to write this post for a while but I wanted to make sure everything in my routine was fully tried and tested and not causing any problems so I think I’m finally there. It’s nice being in a place where I am happy with my skincare so hopefully it lasts!


Morning Routine
My morning and evening routines are fairly similar, however there are some steps which do differ so I think it’s best for me to separate the two…

STEP 1: First Cleanse – Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

I have been loving this for over a year now and whenever I don’t use it (if I’m travelling and forget it, etc) I find my skin struggles and loses its balance so I always go back to it. It has a very runny texture and claims to be perfect for both eczema and acne which is what drew me to it in the first place because, despite my eczema I do struggle with blemishes. This nicely removes any dead skin and residue from overnight (and during the day) so I feel nice and fresh. The reason I have a second cleanse after this however, is that it can leave my face a little dry within moments of drying the skin and I can’t get to moisturiser quick enough.

STEP 2: Second Cleanse – Lush Ultrabland Cleanser (Read My Review Here)
This has been in my collection since September and again, I have drifted away from it but as soon as I did, my skin struggled. Ultrabland is all about balance with calm, gentle ingredients to effectively cleanse the skin. Personally, I couldn’t just use this because it’s so thick and oily with the beeswax and honey so I don’t feel like it would remove the dead skin or effectively cleanse. I mainly use this as a skin barrier because it does leave a very slight residue which keeps my skin nicely moisturised and fully counteracts any dryness left from the first cleanse. I don’t know if people with oily skin types would agree with this cleanser, but for me it’s perfect, even in the warmer months. When using this cleanser combination, I have had a lot less issues with my eczema and any outbreaks I do have aren’t anywhere near as bad or long lasting as they previously would have been.

STEP 3: Eye Cream – Kiehl’s Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment  (Read My Review Here)

I spoke about some issues I had with eye creams back in April (read here) but after that, I repurchased this and haven’t looked back. It’s my absolute favourite and it has done so much for my skin. Both times I have purchased this, it has been after a particularly rough outbreak of my eczema (Read April’s post if you want to know more about what triggered it) and as a result of this eczema, my under eyes really puffed up and I looked like I had a lot of premature wrinkles which left me feeling very insecure. This eye cream isn’t a quick fix, but it does work. After 2 months the puffiness that I had been struggling with went down and the skin is a lot smoother and softer without the premature wrinkles. My eye makeup applies so much better now to so overall, using this has vastly improved my confidence and overall happiness. I am never straying from this again.

STEP 4: Moisturiser – Aveeno Cream

Ahh my old faithful. My relationship with this is a longstanding one and I can’t see that changing any time soon. I won’t go into too much detail as I have done a whole post about this and my other Aveeno favourites, but it sinks in nicely and leaves my skin feeling perfectly moisturised all day. It sits well under makeup and I rarely have an issue with it. Occasionally it struggles to sink in but that usually means I have tried to apply too much at once. A little goes a long way and you can always apply more if not enough the first time.
Despite this being a favourite, I would like to try the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream as I really enjoyed it before and I think it will be lighter on my skin in the summer without me losing out on the moisturising properties, but that’s something for me to try after I’ve finished university.

STEP 5: SPF – The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50

I know a lot of face creams and makeup contain SPF now and that’s great, but I personally prefer to use a product dedicated to the job. I recently had a little worry and had to get all my moles checked for skin cancer which was quite scary and since then I have gone out of my way to protect and care for my skin in terms of using sun cream. I have been using this since the end of April and I feel like it’s helping to protect me. It’s a very white product like most sun creams and it has a very runny texture so despite the colour it sinks into the skin very quickly and invisibly. I definitely think it’s important to moisturise before using this because it does sometimes feel like it dries my skin a little but with a good moisturiser, it’s not an issue.

So that’s my entire morning routine at the moment. I’m very happy with it and don’t in any way feel like I’m missing anything as, on a normal day (no eczema) this keeps my skin feeling soft and comfortable all day, even with makeup on top.

Evening Routine
As I said before, my evening routing is similar to the morning, however, I have a few more steps in the evening and of course, I cut out the SPF.

STEP 1: Makeup Removal – Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm

I used to use the Cetaphil cleanser for this but it took a lot of rubbing and wasn’t all that great at the job so I went on a hunt for something else. I tried a mini of the Emma Hardie Cleansing balm which was beautiful, took off make up easily and agreed with my skin but I just couldn’t justify the £40 price so looked elsewhere. Dom’s mum who had the same thoughts of the Emma Hardie balm, introduced me to this and I’m so glad she did as I haven’t looked back. The Balance Me balm does the same job as the Emma Hardie but for half the price. The base textures are very similar, but the Balance Me Balm does have some grains like an exfoliator so you do have to be careful when using it at first. These grains do dissolve and you can use the balm on eye makeup.

STEP 2: First Cleanse – Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser with Magnitone BareFaced Cleansing Brush

As I said before, the Cetaphil cleanser is perfect for getting rid of the deeper set daily grime, however, I do like to use the Cleansing brush to get a deeper cleanse and properly clear my skin. I did a whole post on the cleansing brush which you can read here, but the bottom line is that the first setting is gentle enough for daily use and since I started using it in January, I have had less issues with blemishes, my skin texture has improved and overall looks brighter. This has really changed my skin for the better and I couldn’t be without it anymore.

STEP 3: Second Cleanse – Lush Ultrabland Cleanser
As above, I love this and use it in the same way most evenings as I do in the mornings. Sometimes if my skin needs a bit more of a moisturising treatment I apply this and leave it on like a mask for 15 minutes and it really gives my skin a boost.

STEP 4: Blemish Treatment – Origins Super Spot Remover

I used to use Tea Tree oil for this but it just didn’t cut it. I don’t like using blemish treatments that are applied to the entire face because they tend to bring up my eczema and I find most target treatments just don’t do what they are supposed to. I tried a sample of the origins Super Spot remover and while it won’t magically make spots disappear overnight (nothing ever will, ignore reviews that say they do) it does significantly reduce the inflammation and draws it out quicker than it does with other treatments. I can’t say a lot in terms of helping textured scars but this does help make dark patches left behind after a blemish disappear more quickly. Overall, it’s not a miracle treatment, but it’s the closest to, that I have found and it does improve how my skin deals with and heals after a blemish. I only like to use this in the evening because it can flake so makeup doesn’t sit well on top and does wear away as the treatment peels off during the day.

STEP 5: Eye Cream – Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment
Once again, I use this the same way I do in the morning and find it lovely and hydrating on my eye area overnight.

STEP 6: Moisturiser – Aveeno Cream

As I said before, this isn’t changing any time soon, LOVE IT.

STEP 7: Facial Oil – Jojoba Oil

I like to apply another moisturising product overnight as my skin has time to fully absorb them and I wake up with my face feeling beautifully soft. I tried samples of facial oils and serums from all sorts of brands but none made my face feel any better than it already did so I went back to basics and got a bottle of Jojoba oil from Holland and Barrett which has worked fantastically. It does everything I was looking for and it helps when I have an eczema flare up instead of adversely affecting it as most others do.

So that’s my overall daily routine. As well as this however, I have some products that I use regularly but not daily;

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

If I’m wearing heavy makeup, especially on my eyes, I like to use this to remove as much of my make up as I can before going into the steps above because less rubbing is needed. I soak a cotton pad and rest it on my eye for 30 seconds or so to loosen the makeup before I start to wipe and it comes off very easily. I still need to use my normal routine after because this just removes surface makeup and not what’s worked into the skin and pores. I also don’t use this every day because if I do, it can disagree with my eczema but once or twice a week is ok.

Lush Let the Good Times Roll

As the Cleansers I use are smooth and I can’t use toners because I’m yet to find one which agrees with my eczema, once or twice a week I like to use this as a bit more exfoliation. I like this because it exfoliates without being too much for the sensitive areas of my skin and it doesn’t strip the moisture so it exfoliates while still being comfortable.

Magnitone Cleansing Brush Setting 2
The second setting on the Magnitone is more pulsing for a deeper cleanse so as well as using Lush Let the Good Times Roll as a cleanser, on another day of the week I use this on setting 2 to really clear my skin and help it feel fully and deeply cleansed. I usually do this on a Sunday evening.

Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub (Similar Product)

As with facial scrubs/exfoliators, I use this lip scrub once or twice a week, especially if I’m planning on wearing a particularly bright or matte lipstick as it really smooths out my lips and preps them for makeup. I like the Lush scrubs because, despite the price, they have the best flavours and overall feel in my opinion. The flavour of this is delicious and like sweets, but it was limited edition for Christmas so hopefully it’s brought back next year. Although it would probably be cheaper to make my own with a little sugar, coconut oil and vanilla extract though… but I have this for now and it does the job well.

Eczema Creams
On days when I do have a flare up, I use my hydrocortisone on target areas, however, this is a steroid cream and can thin the skin if used to often so I avoid it as much as possible. There is a new brand in Boots which I am desperate to try called SkinFix and they do an eczema balm which is top of my list.


You may notice that my routine is completely missing out on masks. I haven’t used them in about 6 months and I do want to start introducing them again but I needed to make sure the rest of my routine worked for me first. I love the Lush fresh face masks and I have stacks of empty pots to return for free ones which I will do gradually once I’ve moved into my own flat (5 weeks!) but will avoid while I share a fridge. Until then though, I’m thinking that I may try one of their new Jelly Masks, which I will get next time I’m near a lush store.

So that’s my overall routine! I’m very happy with it at the moment and I hope that reading this may help you find a product which could improve your routine. Do remember though, this is what worked for me so may not be great for everyone, sadly trial and error is the way forward.

Let me know what products you have been loving in the comments!

Thanks for reading,



One thought on “My Skincare Routine – July 2017

  1. I recently wrote a blog post on some of my skin care faves! And I love reading about new products I haven’t tried yet. I’ve been looking for a blemish remover for sometime and I’m going to try the Origins! Also, the vinoperfect serum is really good for getting rid of dark spots from blemishes, you should give it a try if that something you’re interested in 🙂


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