Dior Poison Girl Eau De Parfum

Personally, I love having a couple of perfumes in my collection so I can switch thing up a bit, not necessarily just by season but by day. I find that I can easily get used to a scent and not smell it as much as I had but if I switch my scents around they stay fresh to me and I keep smelling them through the day. I had three in my collection before, but I was very lucky that my mum and dad got me the new Dior Poison Girl Perfume when they went through Duty Free at the start of July.


One of my favourite scents is Diesel Loverdose Tattoo and Poison Girl is a similar type of scent with some distinct differences.

If you want the short version, skip to the bottom line paragraph at the end!


The packaging of Poison Girl is certainly striking and noticeable. It’s quite different to other Dior perfumes I have seen as it’s quite modern but I associate Dior with the classic Miss Dior style (my mum’s go to) so it may just be me! The box is a gloss silver with wavy embossing on three of the sides. The front of which has purple shades through the embossing and the poison girl logo in front. The internals of the box are a bright hot pink which personally I don’t think it really goes with the red shade of the perfume but is still pretty.

The bottle itself reminds me of either an apple, not to the extent of DKNY Be Delicious, but in more of a Snow White sense, the name probably helps with that to be honest… or it reminds me of a flower, like a rose or a tulip, this seems a bit more what they were going for. I think it’s really pretty and a nice shape to hold to easily spray.


On to the scent, I really love it. When I said that it has distinct differences to Diesel Loverdose Tattoo, this is because, while it is very sweet and floral, it isn’t too much and is instead quite light making it easier for me to wear in the Summer than Diesel. The Notes of this perfume are:

Top Notes: Bitter Orange

Heart Notes: The Grasse Rose

Base Notes: Venezuelan Tonka Bean

You can certainly smell the floral edge from the rose which gives the sweetness but this is nicely offset by the bitter fruity scent from the orange giving that lighter feel to it.


I am doing my best to describe the scent but I can’t say I’m the best at it! It’s a semi-light, sweet scent with floral notes being the most noticeable. It’s very deep and perhaps more suited to the cooler months but I personally love it even now in July because I like richer scents. This probably means that when I say light, it’s different to what someone else would think. I mean it more compared to a scent like Diesel Loverdose Tattoo and others on a similar spectrum and not to something like Tommy Girl which is a very light, fresh spring floral with less sweetness.


Bottom Line

The packaging is very striking and modern which I like and the bottle is very pretty and easy to hold. The scent is rich but doesn’t feel heavy or sickly to wear all day because the sweet, potentially overwhelming floral notes are offset by the bitter orange, stopping it from being too much. For a lot of people this would be an evening or winter scent but it’s still just about light enough to not be too much on a summer day in my opinion. This really does have the potential to become my all-time favourite.

Overall, I would highly recommend it, it’s quite expensive (between £47 and £104 size dependant) but I think it’s really worth it for the depth of scent without the sickliness. It would certainly make a lovely present and is well worth looking out for if you are passing through duty free!

I would love to know what types of scents you reach for and what you consider to be your all-time favourite, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


5 thoughts on “Dior Poison Girl Eau De Parfum

  1. I need to try this! The original was one of my absolute faves and I love the bottles. Those brushes are amazing too, need to get my hands on some of those.
    Christy xx

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