Kicking off the Festival Season

As I said in my last post about my Festival Makeup, I recently went to the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park for The Killers headlining.


I have loved Music all my life and concerts even more so since the first one I went to (Muse at Wembley Stadium in 2010) but surprisingly I haven’t ever been to a festival. If I’m honest, the idea of camping in a muddy field with ridiculous queues for the toilets just wasn’t appealing for me, no matter how good the music was. That’s until this year anyway. Hyde Park isn’t a conventional Festival, tickets are only sold by the day and there’s no camping so fits my requirements perfectly, especially with my parents living only a 40-minute train journey from the centre of London so it was nice and easy to get to as well.

We decided to make the most of the day and went into London for 9:30 and did some tourist stuff before heading to Hyde Park with a pit stop at McDonalds for lunch! Our tickets were for general admission at 1pm, but we got there early and were still let in at around 12:45. On entry, there was a bag search with the maximum bag size not seeming to be more than a rucksack, fairly standard with the usual type of items being banned. So long as you are sensible, you won’t have any problems.

Annoyingly I forgot to photograph the scenery but it was amazing. Being there for a week, full buildings were constructed to serve various food and drink, including pizza express. These were all beautifully decorated with bright colours surrounding the main standing areas making you feel as though you were somewhere on the continent instead of London. This was probably helped by the sunny skies and boiling heat that we rarely seem to get in this country. The food wasn’t too badly priced with the pizza deal being 6 dough balls, a standard size pizza and a bottle of drink for £15 but the alcohol did feel expensive. It was £6 for a pint of beer or 187ml of wine which did feel like a lot to me but it probably isn’t in London, especially at a festival.


We were very glad that we arrived early as the area in front of the stage was sectioned off for wristband entry and the wristbands were free and first-come-first-serve so we of course were lucky enough to get them, meaning we could wander about and grab food then make our way to a few rows from the front for the end of Elbow, just in time to enjoy the Killers!


Most of the day we lounged on the grass moving between the stages with a glass of wine (or beer for Dom) in hand enjoying the various bands. The highlights for us during the day were The Strypes, Mystery Jets and Elbow (they really knew how to get a crowd going) but we were sad that we didn’t get to see White Lies. We were really excited for them but they were put on a small stage the other side of the area from the main stage, finishing just before The Killers and, as The Killers were the reason we were there, we decided to scope our spot as close to the front as possible instead. Especially as we have already seen White Lies twice in the past year…


On to the Killers and all I can say is WOW! Several years since they last played in the UK and they really came back with a bang. Starting off with their new hit The Man and working their way through classics and all time favourites like Human and All These Things That I’ve Done it was perfect. We were even close enough to be covered by the confetti cannon. The only strange thing we could see was the artistic decision to puts the screens in black and white… does this mean the people at the back of the crowd of 65,000 couldn’t properly appreciate the Bright Pink Leather Jacket?
The fireworks towards the end were a brilliant touch and we all knew the encore was coming as there were a couple of hits missing with When You Were Young and Mr Brightside, ending the performance on a high.


As we all headed back to the tube stations (Bond Street as Marble Arch had been closed) the crowd sang “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier” and for the most part it ended brilliantly. Ignoring the drunken people tearing down the fences.


Overall I had an unforgettable night and I can’t wait to see The Killers again in November!

Let me know what you thought of BST if you were there and I would love to hear what festivals your all off to!

Thanks for reading,


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