Bright Festival Ayurvedic Kajals from Soultree*

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you will know that last week I was at the British Summer Time in Hyde Park festival on the Saturday for The Killers. It was INCREDIBLE. This was my first festival and it was a great way to introduce myself to them, but more on that in another post. What I really want to talk to you about today is the makeup I wore for it.


Festival makeup is known for being bright, vibrant and insanely glittery which I am all for, but seeing as this was in the centre of London and we wanted to spend the morning sightseeing before the 1pm entry, I didn’t want to go too over the top. Although, we didn’t realise beforehand, it was the London Pride parade that day and a little more glitter on my face wouldn’t have looked out of place! Anyway, I chose not to wear too much glitter and instead opted for some vibrancy on my eyelids. A couple of weeks before I was sent the new Ayurvedic Kajals* from Soultree, one of which was in the vibrant True Blue shade and looked perfect for the occasion!


The shape and packaging of these kajals is rather unusual compared to the eyeliners that you find on makeup counters. Instead of being a long thin pencil, these are in a simple silver tube very similar to that of a lipstick but with a very tapered, conical end. Looking at these, while I do feel like the nib is fine enough for an eyeliner at first, as this wears away, it will be harder and harder to use for this purpose. However, there are ways round this with a liner brush. The packaging being the way it is makes them very compact and sturdy for if you wanted to take them on the go, making them perfect for if you are doing a full weekend festival and are limited in space or need sturdy kit for transporting safely. The tube itself feels nice and has a good click when the lid is shut which I do like the feel of. The logos on mine are both different in style as are the boxes they came in so it seems that maybe the company is having a slight style rebrand? But either are still nicely simple and the boxes are very detailed and informative about the products which I personally love.


The two shades I received were 005 True Blue and 009 Copper Tint. Both shades are very soft and creamy so apply beautifully and can be easily blended making them perfect for many different application techniques such as, eyeshadow, crisp liner or smoky liner. Initially when swatch I was a little disappointed as the pigmentation wasn’t great or very true to the bullet however once I had swatched it a couple of times the pigmentation very much improved so it matched that of the bullet. For this reason, it’s always worth giving a product a couple of tries as it may just have an outer surface or coating that you need to wear through first!


Other than the initial issue with the pigmentation, I only have one other problem with them; due to the oil content, they don’t dry. They maintain the same creamy texture all day so in extremely hot weather like we had at Hyde Park, the colour did move a little, although not as much as I had expected. It was still hard to remove swatches which had been on my arm for several hours so it isn’t too moveable on a normal day (aka not 30 degrees with no shade). While I wasn’t sure about this at first, I actually didn’t mind that it didn’t dry too much because they don’t dry the skin around my eyes at all. Some eyeliners and cream eyeshadows can dry out my skin and make the area a little itchy which I didn’t experience at all with these, they are very comfortable and light to wear.

005 True BlueThis is a matte light electric blue shade. It’s a bit paler than a royal blue but is still very vibrant and noticeable.

009 Copper TintA light brown with bronze glitter running through it. The combination of the lighter brown and glitter give the metallic copper shade as the bronze is only visible as pieces of glitter when looked at closely.


Bottom Line
Overall, I really like the soft feel of these and how creamy they apply. They are so blendable and versatile with a shade range to make them perfect for any look. I personally love using them as a base for my eyeshadow or as a bright touch of colour on my water line. This 12 colour shade range even includes a transparent Kajal which is perfect for blending multiple shades for an ombre effect. The collection of course also includes your classic black, browns and greys but if you are feeling daring or want to experiment, there is an array of greens, blues, yellows and purples to really give you the opportunity to be creative. Perfect for a summer of festivals!
My qualm with them in terms of the tip wearing down can easily be over looked by picking up some product on an angled brush and using that to get the fine line, a little bit more hassle with an extra tool but still not really an issue.

It seems to have become a bigger issue in the blogging community recently since some brands chose to take a step backwards and resume animal testing, but you can rest assured with these that they are naturally and organically made, without the use of Animal Testing.

For £13.90 each these are great versatile eyeliners that are a nice difference from the ones you can traditionally find on makeup counters.

I would love to know what you think of these and what you like to do for your festival makeup! I was definitely a bit tame with mine this time but I’m going to up my game for the next one!

Thanks for reading,Signature

*I was sent these products for consideration but all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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