My Skincare Routine – July 2017

I have been wanting to write this post for a while but I wanted to make sure everything in my routine was fully tried and tested and not causing any problems so I think I’m finally there. It’s nice being in a place where I am happy with my skincare so hopefully it lasts! Morning … Continue reading My Skincare Routine – July 2017

Dior Poison Girl Eau De Parfum

Personally, I love having a couple of perfumes in my collection so I can switch thing up a bit, not necessarily just by season but by day. I find that I can easily get used to a scent and not smell it as much as I had but if I switch my scents around they … Continue reading Dior Poison Girl Eau De Parfum

Kicking off the Festival Season

As I said in my last post about my Festival Makeup, I recently went to the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park for The Killers headlining. I have loved Music all my life and concerts even more so since the first one I went to (Muse at Wembley Stadium in 2010) but surprisingly I … Continue reading Kicking off the Festival Season

Bright Festival Ayurvedic Kajals from Soultree*

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you will know that last week I was at the British Summer Time in Hyde Park festival on the Saturday for The Killers. It was INCREDIBLE. This was my first festival and it was a great way to introduce myself to them, but more on that in … Continue reading Bright Festival Ayurvedic Kajals from Soultree*

Spring Favourites

I don’t do a monthly favourites because I don’t try enough new products in that time frame to really have enough to say about it, however, in a season I really do. I will admit that I have been on a bit of a spending spree recently and I really do need to reign that … Continue reading Spring Favourites