Vans X Peanuts Collection

It seems like every few months Vans release some incredible collaborations and in the past 3 years I seem to have been captivated by all of them (especially the Disney collections) and while I may not have been able to get something from all of these (very disappointed that I missed out on the Buzz Lightyear and Woody theme Toy Story Vans!) I have certainly built up an impressive collection. While I do want to share my full collection with you, they are currently scattered at 3 different houses across the country so it’s going to have to wait for when I’m finally all in one place and for now I’m just going to share my newest addition from their latest collection… Peanuts!


Skip to the Bottom Line paragraph at the end for a quick summary!

While Peanuts may have started as a comic strip back in 1950, running in this form until 2000, there seem to be very few people, even young children who don’t recognise at least the characters, if not the name. This is likely to have been helped by the revival of the characters in the recent film (The Peanuts Movie – 2015) which seems to have brought it to the next generation. Despite this though, I personally was well aware of Peanuts (in particular Snoopy) well before the film even though I was too young to have acknowledged the comic strip as I was only 4 when it ended. I remember my childhood colouring books being filled with characters such as Snoopy, Woodstock and Garfield (different comic strip but still – here’s hoping for Vans X Garfield!) and so for me, seeing Vans launch this new collection, I was sent straight back to the times I spent colouring those books and I knew I just had to get my hands on a pair from the collection.

Last week Dom and I had a great day shopping in Leeds and after a stop in both the Vans Store and Schuh (stocks are running out already!) we both came away with Peanuts shoes.

Vans X Peanuts Sk8-Hi Reissue Shoes – Joe Cool (Snoopy and Woodstock) – £60

When I first saw the collection, this is the pair that I was instantly drawn to. The Sk8-Hi Reissue style is my favourite style of Vans. They are incredibly comfortable thanks to the three padded collars at the ankle and they require very little breaking in. The padding can be a little stiff but with them sitting higher up, this padding doesn’t sit in a position which can dig in like the lower style with this. With them being such a good shape to avoid rubbing, I could wear them all day as soon as I got them and not have an issue. Despite my love of this style I actually only have one other pair, the 101 Dalmatians pale grey suede ones, so I was very excited to get another. The only issue I have had with my other pair is that, with them being made from pale grey suede on the toes/front and heels, I found that colour rubbed so easily from my jeans onto them and stained so I don’t wear them much. Luckily the Snoopy ones are black suede so hopefully this will be less of an issue.
Another reason why I love Vans in general is the thick sole. Compared to other brands such as converse, this is much thicker and padded making it more comfortable and bouncy to wear. Then again this may be because I’m used to the thick soles of Dr Marten’s boots and anything less than the soles on Vans makes me feel like I’m wearing nothing compared to my Docs!
The Snoopy and Woodstock style itself is lovely. I really like the monochrome look as it’s very subtle and wearable with any outfit, meaning I will get a LOT of use out of them. I also think this may remind me of the colouring books I had with Woodstock just being an outline before being coloured in yellow and Snoopy… well, he doesn’t need a lot of colouring! I personally prefer the bigger patterns like this to the ones with the same small pictures repeated several times as the bigger pictures are much more noticeable for what they are and definitely stand out.

Vans X Peanuts Old Skool Shoes – Charlie Brown – £57
Dom and I have very different tastes in clothing and shoes, while I’m generally more understated and colour coordinated, he prefers the bright and bold, especially yellow and orange making these Charlie Brown shoes perfect for him. He really loved the colour and style which are a bit different and more cushioned than the usual converses that he has and as the price was only a couple of pounds more than the normal patterns in this style, he was on to a winner.
The pattern on these, while much less discreet in terms of colour, is less obvious that it’s peanuts as it isn’t a character picture, it’s the pattern on Charlie Brown’s tshirt. This is a really nice way of referencing the comic strip without the obvious methods and makes the shoes a little bit different to others in the collection. What’s more, while the other patterns are printed onto the fabric the black zigzag across these shoes is stitch on making it more 3 dimensional and adding another texture which works really well. I also like that this takes the place of the usual leather strip on this style, it really does work well. This pair also has “Good Grief!” written on the tongues which is a fantastic extra as it’s Charlie Brown’s catchphrase.
The Old Skool shoes have the padded collar as I mentioned above and can take some wearing in to be properly comfortable (you may need the blister plasters) but I find that stretching and moving the heel upper by hand a bit before wearing can really help this and make things a bit easier to break in.

As well as the collection including 14 different styles of shoes (one of these being exclusive to Schuh) which are available in all different sizes, from toddler to adults, there is also a large collection of clothing, bags and hats. Again, the styles of these are lovely and there’s a lot I would love to have and would make use of, however it’s too far out of my price range. I’m happy to spend £60 on a pair of the shoes because I know they will last and I will keep them for a long time, wearing them year after year, however my attitude towards clothing is a bit different. For a start, clothing doesn’t last me as long as shoes and I do get less wear out of each item so that straight away makes it less worth a higher spend for me. With bags, I would personally prefer to spend £100 on a good quality leather backpack which is strong enough to endure my laptop and uni folders than £40 on a non-waterproof canvas bag that will struggle with the sharp corners wearing holes in it. For this reason, I’m yet to own anything other than Vans shoes, however, this may change when I finish uni if I have more of a disposable income, who knows, I really love the patterns on the Crewneck jumpers and Raglan T-shirts so I may get one eventually to see what they are like.

Bottom Line
Overall, I really love this collection, it’s a real blast back into my childhood in the form of a practical and high-quality product. The patterns are bold and striking with there being something for everyone and with Vans shoes, you know that you are purchasing a superior and durable product which is well worth the price. Shoes like these will last for several years if they are taken care of properly and they are very comfortable (once broken in) for spring through to autumn. These are probably great in winter too but I’m more of a boot fan at that time of year so I don’t really know for certain.

I definitely recommend this collection especially for the nostalgia and Vans as a brand in general because I have loved everything I have tried from them. If you haven’t tried their shoes yet you really should and don’t forget your 10% student discount!


I have really been loving the Vans collaborations with all of my childhood favourites over the past few year! Let me know in the comments which collab has been your favourite and which Van you desperately want to get our hands on!

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