Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review

It can certainly be said that I love to splurge on high quality eyeshadow palettes and I’m very much drawn to those with sparkly, shiny shades (Dom compares me to Niffler in Fantastic Beasts…), however, for an everyday work look I do prefer neutral matte shades which generally means using several different palettes to get the look I want. This is both time consuming and quickly wearing down shades in expensive palettes which I can’t replace just for those. So for this reason I went on a hunt for a small neutral matte palette to fill the work day void. This led me straight to the Urban Decay naked basics range.


The Naked Basics range consists of two small palettes with 6 shades and the larger Naked Ultimate Basics Palette which has 12 shades. I wrote off the latter early on because it was much larger and less travel friendly for days when I’m running late and there are several shades in it which I just don’t think I would use. The other two palettes are very similar in that the 6 shades range from light to dark with all shades being matte except the lightest which is considered demi-matte. The difference between the two palettes is the type of tone. Naked Basics is warm toned, however Naked 2 Basics is much cooler taupe shades. Personally, when it comes to makeup, I prefer warmer tones so I chose the former.

If you want the quick version, skip to the Bottom Line section at the end!


Matching the products inside, the box of this palette has a soft matte finish in a neutral shade which isn’t dissimilar to the shade Naked2 in the palette. The look is very simple and chic which I really like. The main writing on it is embossed which does feel nice. This theme continues onto the palette itself which is very petite and is the same colour as the box as well as continuing the matte finish and embossed writing. Inside, despite the small size, it has a decent mirror which fills the inside lid except for a 3mm border.


Onto the eyeshadow pans inside, they are all very soft and well pigmented. Although, three of the shades are light colours, similar to skin tone so they may not show up as well on skin because of this. I haven’t experienced any fall down, they go where they are placed and are easy to blend without kicking it everywhere which is great for quick looks because there’s no tidy up needed. The palette has a general cosmetics smell, not as nice as the chocolate scent of my TooFaced palette but nothing to complain about either, it’s just not anything special.


This is the lightest shade in the palette, it’s a light cream shade and is the only non-matte eyeshadow in the palette, instead it’s classed as a demi-matte. In my opinion, it’s another way of saying it’s a satin shade so basically it has a very subtle hint of shimmer running through it. While this could be used all over the lid, especially for very pale users, I personally only really reach for it as an inner corner shade and it works perfectly for this.

This is a pale yellow toned, cream shade and of course has a matte finish. I like using this all over the lid as a base shade or to assist the blending of darker shades.

Walk Of Shame (W.O.S)
Walk of Shame is very similar to Foxy however it has pink undertones. I use this very similarly to Foxy and which I choose depends on the tone of the rest of the makeup. I do sometime mix the two across the lid for a colour similar to my skin tone as a base shadow colour.

This is the first of the darker shades in the palette. It’s a light, warm tone, brown which sits on a similar spectrum to Walk of Shame but darker. I like this blended across the lid for more smoky looks or the outer edge for a more subtle day look.

Faint is a proper warm toned brown, again a couple of steps darker than Naked2 on the spectrum. To me it’s reminiscent of a dark contour shade so it’s perfect for coutouring the eye by putting it through the crease. I like to use it in this way or on the outer edge for most makeup looks, going a bit heavier for a smoky evening look.

This is probably my least used shade. It’s a true matte black and is great for darkening a smoky look in the crease or for tight lining to subtly darken the lash line and give the look of eyeliner without anything too heavy.


And that’s all the shades in the palette, I did say it was petite! Personally I have really been loving matte eye looks recently as it adds subtle definition very quickly without looking over the top for work and there’s no risk of sparkly fall down making it look like you’ve overdone the highlighter!

Bottom Line
I must say I have been loving this recently. I have used it 5 days out of 7 over the past few weeks, favoured over my TooFaced palettes! It’s very travel friendly for doing your makeup on the train and despite this there is still a great mirror. All the shades blend very nicely and I have experienced no fall out from it, the shadow goes where you put it and stays there all day, especially with the Urban Decay primer potion underneath. The warm neutral shades are very complementary of my skin tone and the shades in the palette have all been very well chosen to work well together for any eye look.
In my opinion, this isn’t a show stopper palette, but it certainly has its place in anyone’s collection as it’s a fantastic matte palette for subtle everyday looks and the quality makes it well worth the £24.50 price tag. Although it’s often on sale! I got mine for £17 from fabled.com with the introductory 15% off!

Overall I would definitely recommend this as I really am loving mine!

I would love to know if you have tried this, what you thought of it and what combinations from it you love, please tell me in the comments!

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