Beautiful Rose Gold Brushes from Indy Luxe*

I feel like the Indy Luxe Pearlescent Unicorn and Rose Gold brushes have appeared from nowhere and taken over the makeup world and I was lucky enough to get my hands on the 8pc Rose Gold set*! Indy Luxe is a relatively newly formed British company with incredible ethics. All the brushes that they have produced are fully cruelty free and usable by anyone because they are vegan friendly! On top of this they go out of their way to make sure they are the most beautiful and photo-worthy that they possibly can be so there really isn’t anything not to love.

For a quick summary and how you can get your hands on these with a special discount, skip to the Bottom Line paragraph at the end.


The rose gold set which I received arrived in a bubble wrapped envelope with each brush individually wrapped in plastic packaging, this kept the brush heads smooth and undamaged so they were in perfect condition for the first use.

The tapered handles of these are reasonably light making them comfortable to hold and to use, plus the look is gorgeous. The pale metallic pink surface is covered in faucets creating lots of small diamonds all over the surface which is a very nice texture to hold. The brush ferrules are a classic rose gold (and I mean actual rose gold not the IPhone rose gold) with INDY LUXE scribed down the side giving them a very sleek and sophisticated feel.

Indy_Luxe_Brushes_3The brushes aren’t named which can be both a good thing and bad thing as, naming them gives an indication of the recommended use and how to use them but often this is ignored so it’s not always worth naming. Names are useful for reviewing though so you all know which brush I’m talking about! I will do my best to make this clear though…

Large Flat Narrow Brush

Narrow brushes like this are perfect for contouring and blusher because, in the case of contour you can apply it more precisely to a narrow area on the cheek then gently blend it out, without it ending up everywhere. The same with blush, this can allow application to a more specific area. The synthetic bristles lend well to both powder and cream products as they don’t get too clogged up and are easily cleaned without leaving remnants of products on the brush. I have found that all the brushes shed a couple of hairs on first use, but this is very common in all brushes from low to high-end, makeup to watercolour, this is very hard to avoid and after the first use this isn’t particularly an issue so it’s just hairs that were never sealed in, not that have come loose.

Large Angled Narrow Brush
Personally, I use this very similarly to the flat-topped brush which is a similar size, however, I’m sure this is intended for a different use, I’m just not sure what that is. For this reason, I generally use the two interchangeably and so I either use one for blush and one for bronzer or one for cream and one for powder, depending on what I’m planning on using.

 Round Pointed Brush
While I am enjoying the previous two brushes for a bit of defined contour, this brush is fast becoming a holy grail for me as a bronzer brush to add some warmth to my skin. While it can be used for precision with the pointed tip, the general shape makes it great for blending out and diffusing both bronzer and contour. For this reason, I tend to reach for it with softer less defined makeup looks which I generally go with for work so I have used this pretty much daily since I got it. I also use it to blend the edges of contour and blush to reduce the stark contrast that can sometimes appear when it is a little more overdone than I like.

Fan Brush
This joined my holy grail list for highlighter from day one. I love it. To me, it’s the perfect size fan brush as it does fan out but it’s not excessively wide as some can be, this means it places highlighter exactly where you want it to be and not all over your face leaving you looking like you tried the full face of highlighter challenge as can happen when the brush is too big.

Round Fluffy Blending Brush
This is a standard brush for most sets containing eye brushes because it’s the perfect all rounder. It can be used to apply a wash of colour or to blend out shades packed on. In my opinion, you can never have too many brushes this shape as they are so useful with any and all eye looks.

Flat Fluffy Blending Brush
This is a in between brush. It’s a cross between a fluffy blender and a flat brush for packing on colour. This means it can be used to pack on colour to an extent but not as packed as others, you can also then use the same brush to blend it out which is perfect for those of us too lazy/low on time to swap between constantly.

Pencil Point Brush
This is a fine densely packed brush which is great for fine detail. I tend to use it to put colour through the crease before blending it out or to put colour under the lower lash. These are great small crease brushes for me as I have small eyes so it fits perfectly in the socket without dominating the entire eye area.

Angled Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush
Brushes like this are again classic versatile brushes which should be present in all collections. They are perfect for eyebrows and eyeliner in a multitude of formulas. Personally, I don’t do a lot with my brows so I don’t use it for that but I do love this brush for softly applying and smoking eyeshadow.

Bottom Line
Overall, I really love these brushes. In terms of face brushes, the fan and round pointed brush really stand out to me as the shapes are perfect for how I use them and they don’t drag on the skin at all. The eye brushes are classic shapes which work well for a great finish and are all round great products. The synthetic brushes clean very easily and look brand new again which is definitely a positive for me. The look of these is also a massive bonus, it’s fantastic when you can get both a reliable, usable product and a beautiful aesthetic together in one as this doesn’t seem to happen very often with affordable products, and I must say, £28 for 8 brushes (£3.50 per brush) is certainly affordable! I think I can definitively say that I would fully recommend these.


If after reading my review you are desperate to get your hands on these brushes you can buy them here (check out the new rainbow brushes too!) and use my code BEAUTYMECHANIC20 for 20% off your order!

I would love to know what you think of these and if you decided to treat yourself to a set (or two!) so please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


*I received these brushes at a discounted rate for review and use of the discount code will give me a small commission. Despite this all opinions of the products are completely mine and fully honest.

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