If only I wasn’t a Student… the Makeup Space I would have if I Could*

For a long time now, four years to be precise, I have been at university, living in small rooms in student halls with little space for makeup besides a box under the bed. Mirrors are certainly lacking, especially if you want one with good natural lighting – those are just non-existent!


Most of the time I sit on the floor next to a mirror pulled out from under my bed and leaned against it trying to find a spot of decent light from the little window that is certainly not big enough to light the size of the room. Most weekends I end up using a little travel mirror and living from my small makeup bag of whatever I could fit in my suitcase for travelling to visit my boyfriend. Overall this isn’t the most comfortable and enjoyable way to apply makeup especially as, for me, makeup is a type of art. You paint on these colours and blend them together to whatever look and finish you want that day. If I have the chance, I very much enjoy taking the time to apply makeup and play with the looks and colours that I can create, but the area I have for doing my makeup makes this much harder.


Hopefully next year in my little studio flat this will improve somewhat, but it still won’t be close to how I hope to have my makeup space set up one day. I was approached recently by Arhaus.com and asked what my dream space would be like and it really got me thinking. I consider myself to be a creative person, I like to add a flare of something unique and special to my spaces, the same way I do to my shoes, and one day if I have my own space which I’m allowed to paint and decorate without the restrictions of a rental property, I will certainly make the most of it. I dream about designing my own house one day and, while a massive garage/workshop is going to be a necessity as I intend to have a collection of motorbikes, the walk-in-wardrobe space is also something that will be a necessity for me.

I want the space to be lit with as much natural light as possible, big windows flooding the room, lighting the perfect dressing table for me to apply my makeup. It seems to be that every blogger and their grandma have the Alex drawers from Ikea which may hold a lot of items, but they just seem so boring to me. Far too plain and lacking any personality, they are definitely not for me. I would choose something reasonably simple and plain looking (to begin with), probably made of a light shade of wood with not too many flourishes in the design/shape, but once I got my hands on it, I would take my paints to it. I could add patterns, geometric or flowery, I could theme it with Disney characters or Marvel, depending on what I want at the time. Each drawer front could be a different thing and, if I got bored of what I had chosen to decorate it with, I could sell it as a unique piece of art (if anyone would buy my mess of drawings on furniture) or I could sand it back and paint it all over again. As this space will be special, just for me I will probably do this with all the furniture in the room and turn it into a place which helps my creativity flow, at the moment I really feel like I struggle with that, a lot of spaces around me are too generic with white was walls and cheap furniture falling apart, as is the way with student housing, but it does mean I struggle to be creative sometimes. With walk-in-wardrobes being one of the first rooms you actively use in the morning, it seems like a great place to get the mind working with creative ideas.

2017-01-28 18.23.42-2

While Natural Lighting is great during the day, it’s not so good when you are getting ready for an evening out or for work pre 7am in the winter months. When those dark, gloomy times come around other lighting is most definitely necessary. For that I’m torn between a pretty chandelier and some simple spotlights. I would probably go for a mix of the both, spotlights for when you really need something bright and something like this Geometric Chandelier for a decorative piece. I think it’s so hard to choose the right lighting as something too small can feel like it is out of place and the room is missing something while a light that’s too big can really dwarf the room. Luckily there are so many options for brightening a room that on a site like Arhaus, you can find something to the room perfectly.

Geometric Chandelier
Hemisphere Geode Chandelier from Arhaus

I would also have several mirrors, some practical and some less so but there to make the room look bigger or something like this arch mirror where I could put photographs or drawings in some of the sections and turn it into a mirror/display piece.

36″ x 782 Teak Arched Mirror from Arhaus.com

There would certainly need to be a lot of shoe space as I have many, many shoes already and I don’t intend to cut down on them, especially the painted ones. My shoes will probably be displayed on open racking so they are easy to get to and see the whole collection so none are forgotten about collecting dust at the back of a cupboard somewhere. I would also like some normal shelves to display retired painted shoes which are too fragile to wear anymore but I can’t bear to just throw away, these will probably be surrounded by merchandise and memorabilia relating to the theme of the shoe, like my Ginny Weasley wand and Niffler Funko Pop, maybe with the maurauder’s map as a back drop… I could even paint it on the walls if I wanted! There are so many things I could do that I’m struggling to fit it all in the one room of my mind! This is probably starting to sound a bit like a jumbled mess right now…

2016-02-10 23.25.06

Anyway, carrying on, I really like the big trunk type suitcases/ storage boxes (the type of trunks students take their belongings to Hogwarts in) and I like the idea of having one of these in the middle of the room with a couple of cushions on. This is great for storage and somewhere easy to sit while putting shoes on… hopefully it will look good too!.

The dressing table itself will be decorated with the same patchwork of drawings as the rest of the room, although I do like the idea of keeping some bare wood visible on the furniture too so the drawings are separated out a bit. I would have a long dressing table with drawers underneath and a mirror the length of it. I would probably also have a magnifying mirror with a light up edges sat on the desk as they always come in handy. I would surround the mirror of the dressing table (and every other inch of the room) in little fairy lights to add a pretty twinkling feel and to make me think of Rapunzel’s lanterns looked at from a distance, I may even paint the lanterns on the mirror frame to help this feel!

2016-09-11 11.04.42

On top of the desk I would display my most used makeup on little trays and jars with my themed makeup brushes front and centre. I like the idea of displaying my harry potter makeup brushes on the wall on a feature made to look like the Dumbledore’s Army wand collection, it would be the perfect setting for them! On the dressing table the Rose brushes that I should have soon from Storybook Cosmetics could be displayed inside a Beauty and the Beast Chip mug, maybe with Mrs Potts sat next to them!

2017-03-04 12.01.44

I feel like there is so much more I could write about with this but if I do, the post will go on forever. I can’t wait to one day try and implement my ideas and see some of them brought to life, it will be interesting to see whether I still have similar ideas when that comes or whether my tastes will have completely changed!

I feel like I let my imagination go with this post and it may have just come out as a jumbled mess but once I open the doors to idea like this they just keep coming! I hope you enjoyed your look into my mind and can maybe take some inspiration from it into your own spaces, let me know in the comments if you do!

Thanks for reading,


*I like to be transparent with my blog and tell you if a post has been sponsored. In this case, I haven’t been paid or sent anything in exchange for writing it, but I was emailed by the company and asked to consider what my dream space would be and write about it if I wanted to. It certainly got me thinking and I decided it was something that I really did want to share with you, so I have.

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