Favourite Jewellery Pieces

Some people build up a large collection of statement jewellery pieces to match any and every outfit. However, I like to collect a few pieces which I wear all the time and rarely change them, unless it’s adding a new bead to one of my Chamilia bracelets.

Jewellery Header

Skagen Freja Steel Mesh Watch


If you follow me on twitter, you will know all about my recent watch saga. About a month ago, I sadly lost my favourite Skagen watch. It was a beautiful Gun-metal grey stainless steel with the mesh strap that even though a lot of brands seem to be doing now, I still associate this with Skagen. Sadly, this particular style has been discontinued since my brother brought me it 3 and a half years ago (it’s not surprising really) so I wasn’t able to replace it with the same again, however there are so many beautiful designs it wasn’t hard for me to find the perfect new watch… unless you consider it too much choice!
The new watch I chose to get was the Freja Steel Mesh watch in Silver/White. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I did look at getting a gun metal grey watch again but none of the options were quite right for me and I decided that silver would pair better with my favourite bracelet. This watch has a silvery white brushed metal face with small crystals marking the hours, this face is then framed by a mirrored edge. This style looks so sleek and not too girly, I definitely think it appeals most to the engineering side of me. I also love how small the watch face is, Skagen really do cater for all wrist sizes and the 26mm face of this is perfect for me and doesn’t leave me looking like I’m wearing my parents watch. I 100% recommend Skagen if you are looking for a new watch, they have everything from the classics to a range of Hybrid Smart Watches!

Shrieking Violet Silver Rose Pendant

Shrieking Violets Necklace

I was very lucky to be given this necklace from Dom as my Valentines present. It’s a beautiful pendant with a real miniature rose bud sealed in a clear resin with a silver band around the edge. This resin feels very durable and well bonded to the silver frame so there’s no worry about it coming apart and the chain provided is delicate and also feels like good quality.
The concept behind this with real flowers being preserved is so lovely and made the perfect gift. They have everything from roses to poppies, perfect for remembrance, and four leaf clovers, perfect for exam time! These are well worth checking out for any special occasion you may have coming up.

Chamilia and Pandora Bracelets

Watch and Necklace


Pandora Bracelet

Charm Bracelets are my absolute favourites. I love how customisable they are and there is a charm for literally any occasion. The first bracelet I got was a dark purple Pandora leather bracelet which was an 18th Birthday present (I could only find this in black here or purple double woven here) and since then I have been happily collecting beads to fill them. My second bracelet was a black Chamilia leather wrap around bracelet which I absolutely love and it certainly holds a lot more beads but more recently I have been wanting something that looks a bit more dressy so for my birthday in April my parents got me the silver brilliance bangle which has to be my favourite yet. I love that it’s solid and holds it’s shape which the leather bracelets can’t do. I have a lot of beads on these bracelets and most of them have a lot of significance to me. Two of my favourites are the motorbike and car which my parents got me for Christmas a couple of years ago and are a nice reminder of my university course studying Motorsports Engineering and passing my driving test. The Mrs Potts, Lumiere and R2-D2 beads are my newest additions as these were also Birthday presents from Dom (Mrs Potts) and my parents, they are just so beautiful! If you haven’t seen the Chamilia collections yet, you definitely need to. I personally prefer them to Pandora as they are so much cuter and they have the Disney contract for the UK so you can’t go wrong! The next bead on my list is Piglet, hopefully I will be able to get it soon!

I would love to hear what jewellery you reach for on a daily basis and what recommendations you have for me to try out, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


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