The Comparison… TooFaced and The Body Shop Bronzers

I mentioned in my TooFaced haul that I thought the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer sample I received looked a lot like my trusty Body Shop Honey Bronzer in shade 02. Now I have had a chance to fully try the TooFaced Bronzer, I want to compare them for you properly!


Skip to the end for a Bottom Line summary!

The Packaging


While I may only have a sample of Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, I have long admired the packaging every time I walk passed the TooFaced stand. The compact of 10g has a solid, weighty feel to it when picked up which always makes a product feel more high-end to me. The compact is a semi-matte gold shade with embossed patterns and brand name writing in the same shade. These patterns match that on the front of the sample. Inside is a sizeable mirror filling the inside lid and in the other half the powder is packed in with a smooth finish.


The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder had been a staple product in my collection for a few years now and that’s probably why the writing is rubbing off, it takes a beating in my travel bag. The packaging for this is a semi-transparent dark orange-brown plastic. Through this, a feint honey comb effect is visible, playing nicely with the product name. In the right light, the lid of this is reminiscent of the Clarins Bronzing and Blush Compacts. In the middle of the front printed on in gold (but rubbing off on mine) is the body shop logo. This is actually quite small for the size of the product but it still looks good. Inside, similarly to the TooFaced bronzer is a full sized mirror in the lid and the product pan in the other side. However, the honeycomb effect with this continues on the top of the bronzer, giving it a pretty look which stands out on the inside too.


The Scent

As the name would suggest, TooFaced have continued the theme of their Chocolate Bar Palette and also infused this cocoa bronzer with the scent of chocolate (to be honest, I’m not entirely sure whether this or the palette came first?). Personally, I absolutely love that they do this. Chemical smells that some cosmetics seem to have are something that I will always associate with cheaper products, but this rich, true chocolate scent is far from that and is an instant tell for the TooFaced brand, giving it that luxurious feeling of extravagant chocolate.


Sadly this is an area where The Body Shop product falls a little short for me. While it may look lovely it just smells of… well, nothing. Imagine, if it exuded the subtle hint of honey every time you opened it, that would just bring it up another level for me and make it feel like something so much more special. But never mind, at least there are no glaringly obvious chemical smells so it’s still not offensive, just a little bland.

The Products

As you can see from the swatch picture below the shade difference is non-existent. From looking at the swatches I could have just applied the same product twice, they are so similar. This does of course mean that if you are looking for a cheaper dupe of the TooFaced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, you need to look no further than The Boy Shop!


However, the differences with these come in other forms. The TooFaced bronzer is very soft and silky to apply and, despite being a powder product, it didn’t feel at all drying on my eczema prone skin. Meanwhile, the Body Shop bronzer is noticeably powdery and dry, meaning it drags slightly more and has a lower level of pigmentation. A couple of swatches of my finger were needed to build the pigmentation of one swatch with TooFaced. I also found the lasting power of TooFaced to be greater than The Body Shop which meant my makeup looked better put together for longer.


Bottom Line

Overall, I love both products and I think The Body Shop honey bronzer in shade 02 is a brilliant lighter shade matte bronzer, however, the TooFaced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer, while pretty much exactly the same in shade, takes it to a whole new level.

The Body Shop Bronzer will make a fantastic dupe for those on a lower budget, unable to splash out £25 for one bronzer, however, if you can afford a little more, I would highly recommend paying for the TooFaced offering. This is because it has better pigmentation with less product use (won’t be used up as quickly), it applies more smoothly (less disturbance of makeup already on the skin) and it is longer lasting through the day (no need to reapply so the pan lasts longer too). Add in the drier feel of the Body Shop bronzer and I have been fully converted to TooFaced, although with another year at uni looming in September I may have to hold off and stick to the Body Shop for a little bit longer.


I would give the TooFaced Milk Chocolate Soleil an 8.5/10 with it only being let down by the £25 price tag and smaller 10g pan size and I would give the Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in 02 a 7/10, let down by the boring smell and dry texture. However, as a dupe I would give it a 9/10 as is only let down by the drier texture, the final look is very, very similar and for £14 it is much cheaper too!


I would love to know if you have tried either of these and what you thought, please let me know in the comments! Also let me know if there are any posts you would like me to write and I will do my best to sort it for you.

Thanks for reading,


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