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I mentioned in my last haul post that I had placed my first order with Colourpop cosmetics and it has finally arrived here in the UK! It’s well known that ordering from the States to the UK often includes both a high shipping fee and a high customs fee so I took full advantage of the free international delivery offer that they had on at the end of April. This meant that the additional costs on top of the products was about half of what it would have otherwise been at £17.


For this order I chose to buy mostly lip products as that’s what I like most and I have been desperate to try a lot of the colourpop formulas having seen other reviews. I do want to try the other products, especially eyeshadows as I love the look of these too, but the choice was fairly overwhelming and I am going to spend some time choosing the products I want to get next time there is free international delivery. I will fully admit that this order was an impulse buy but I definitely don’t regret it!


Ultra Satin Lip Liquid Lipstick ($6 each)


The Ultra Satin Lips are a lovely creamy formula that goes on lightly and partially dries. It isn’t at all drying like matte lipsticks but has the opaque, non-creamy look of a matte shade. The biggest issue I have with these is that, due to it not fully drying, these can easily smudge and when they do it’s very difficult t remove the smudge. I would definitely recommend keeping your micellar water or face wipes hand for touch ups when you wear these! Overall though, I do really like the look and feel of these on my lips, especially for days when my lips aren’t quite in a good enough condition for a matte shade but I still want the opaque look and texture of one.
The packaging of these is a large, clear plastic tube with a bright silver lid and matching sliver writing on the tube. This is a fairly standard style for liquid lipsticks but I do like the design simplicity and how well the silver stands out among my other lipsticks. The only issue I have is that, after only a week of ownership and barely any use, the silver writing is already rubbing off the clear part of the tube. This is rather disappointing.


BaracudaThis is a deep matte brown with slight purple and pink undertones. For me this is definitely a more Autumn/Winter shade so I will get a lot more use out of it then but I do like how it looks on. The shade of this isn’t particularly true to how it looks in the packaging as it definitely looks paler than in swatches. Knowing this, I feel like it may be difficult to reliably choose which shades to get from the pictures on a computer screen.


Chandelier This is a much paler shade than Baracuda which verges more on baby pink but with slight coral undertones. Sadly, I think this shade it a bit too pale for me and I don’t think it really suits me which is disappointing, but we’ll see. It may grow on me. Again, this shade looks paler in swatches than it looks in the packaging.

Lippie Stix ($5 each)


The lippie stix are Colourpop’s answer to a normal lipstick. They are available in a variety of finishes. I picked up three of these each with a different finish; crème, matte and matte x. I actually prefer the stick shape of these with a narrower bullet than a standard lipstick shape because it is very easy to control and get a nice finish without going over the lines
The packaging is a plain white, narrow tube with a split line just over half way along. The bottom is coloured to show the lipstick shade, as is the twist part of the lipstick when the lid is removed. Once again the packaging is simple with the same silver writing (so far not fading) towards the bottom. The shade indicative part of the packaging on all of these is very true to the actual shade, especially when considered in comparison to the liquid lipsticks which seemed quite different.


Faded (Crème)This is an opaque, cream finish in a pretty dusty rose, pink shade. It’s a very nice, bright your lips but better shade which is perfect for spring and summer, especially with it’s light creamy finish that feels lovely and soft on the lips. I love that despite how creamy it is, it still lasts well, gives full coverage in one swipe and lasts fairly well through the day and doesn’t leave a grim fade line. The only problem I have found with this is that it definitely has the ability to bleed so I would recommend buying the matching lip pencil to reduce this happening.


Mirror, Mirror ( Matte X) The matte X finish is as matte and opaque as you could possibly get. This drags slightly on application but it has a very light feel and doesn’t sit into the line as much as other matte formulas I have tried. The shade is very similar to a couple of others in my collection (Beauty Bakerie – Take me for pomegranate and Toofaced – Candy Cane) I definitely gravitate twards shades like this and I love them for September time and nights out. This one is slightly darker than the others and with the finish I will probably be more inclined to use this through the winter.


Lumiere (Matte)This is a creamier matte finish than Mirror, Mirror and it does have the slightest sheen to it which lingers unlike the matte x formula so it does seem more of a satin finish to me. This is definitely a true dusty rose shade with a very subtle purple undertone that is mst promient when on the lips. This reminds me a lot of MAC Brave and I will reach for this a lot in early to mid spring. At the moment I am enjoying using this gently blotted as an everyday look for work, mainly because, as it fades it does so evenly across the lip and doesn’t look obviously like the lipstick is fading.

Lippie Pencil ($5)


I chose to get one of these to match the Lumiere lippie stix as I don’t own many lip pencils and I do want to try more. This seemed like the best shade as I have several nude tone lipsticks that this could complement so it would be useful for a lot more than just this pairing. The packaging for these matches the lippie stix with the white pencil tube and lid, and the base cap of the pencil matches the colour so you straight away know what you are holding. As you probably guessed, the silver logo decorates these also and once again it does seem to be staying in place.


LumiereI adore the formula of this lip pencil. Of all that I have tried (not really that many if I’m truly honest) this has the most beautiful soft feel to it that doesn’t drag in anyway. The colour is a perfect match for the lippie stix but the finish doesn’t have the sheen to it. I already highly recommend these and intend to add more to my collection.



Crème Gel Liner ($5 each)

As I don’t have a dark eyeliner pencil that I really love at the moment I decided to give colourpop a try for them. I love that this is a twist up product so there is no need to sharpen it which is something I always find is a pain to do. The packaging is similar to that of the lip liners, a white tube and lid with a bottom cap in the same shade as the product and their classic silver writing. I really do love the simplicity these stand out very well among my other products as being from colourpop because of the crisp white against the mass of colours.


SwerveAs this was my first order I decided to stick with a traditional matte black liner which is what I generally reach for most. The formula for this is nicely creamy and went on the lid better than it swatched although it’s still not the most opaque liner I have had. Despite this though I really like it as I can get it very close to the lash line and it can be smoked out very nicely for a smoky eye look which is what I would usually use a pencil liner for anyway. I haven’t tried this on the waterline yet so I’m not sure how well it will sit yet but I have my fingers crossed. I definitely want to pick this up in a brown shade for a softer day look that I like to do no working week days. I am also curious to see what the bright colours are like and try something that’s more out of my comfort zone so I may try a couple of those next time too.

Crème Gel Colour ($6)


These are pots of gel liner that you apply with a brush. Back when I first started my blog, gel liners like these were all I used, at the time I just didn’t get on with liquid liners. Now however, I tend to go more for the liquid liners and I had almost forgotten about the little gel pots that I had previously loved. When I saw these though, I just had to try it and see how it felt. The packaging of these is a standard size glass pot with a large white, plastic lid, adorned with the silver logo. The lid especially seems a bit oversize, however it does still work and gives you room to grip and twist it to make sure it’s tightly closed so it won’t dry out.

SwerveOnce again, I went with the standard matte black shade. So far, from the swatch, it doesn’t quite match up to my previous Maybelline favourite, the colour isn’t as opaque and it doesn’t feel as creamy. I am hoping thought that it will translate better when used on the lid but we’ll see.


So those are all of the products I chose to pick up in my first colourpop purchase, I am fairly happy with my choices and it definitely has me wanting to order more. I highly recommend keeping an eye out for free international delivery if you don’t want to pay out for a forwarding service like lots of people seem to do, as you definitely save a fair chunk of money when you only need to pay for customs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post and I would love to hear what you think if these products and what you recommend I get next! Please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


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