My BareMinerals Blush Collection

It can definitely be said by now that BareMinerals is one of my favourite Makeup brands and I am definitely gathering an extensive collection of their products, the largest section of this being the loose powder blushers, of which I have 8. All of these have been bought for between £5 and £7 in T K Maxx. This may mean that they are discontinued stock from most shops but I don’t mind that, I love the shades! The blushers in my collection vary from matte, to satin, to glittery and are all over the spectrum from bright to more nude shades.



This is a satin finish shade. It contains a shimmer but doesn’t have full-on glitter. It’s a pretty salmon pink shade which will be luminous on the skin and will be a perfect shade for the summer. This is one of my most recent purchases so I haven’t used it yet, but I am very much looking forward to it. The swatch is definitely reminiscent of Benefit’s Galifornia swatches, and for the price I paid in T K Maxx, it was definitely a bargain dupe!



The finish of this shade is more of a matte with a fine glitter through it than a shimmer. The base shade is a peach while the glitter is very pink. The two together are a bright peachy pink, more verging on peach than Flowers. Again I feel like this will be a lovely summer shade as the peach will complement a tan well and the pink in the fine glitter will add more of a rosy shine but without being too much. I think this could either work or not, we will see when I try it! This is another shade I brought recently in the T K Maxx big brand event so I am yet to try this but I intend to very soon.



This is actually a cheek tint, not an actual blush. It has a matte finish and is a bright salmon pink. The shade isn’t too dissimilar to Flowers, in the swatch it comes across much brighter, almost neon, but when used on the cheeks the colour pay off is very subtle and buildable which I really like as it is hard to over do it. This is another of the shades I will reach for in the summer months as I do reach for my brighter shades from March to September.



This is probably the glitteriest blush in the collection, as a swatch it could even pass as a highlighter it’s that sparkly. The base colour of this is a warm toned pale pink and the shimmer is a complimentary light champagne shade. Used gently on the cheeks this is a lovely spring shade to add glow to the cheeks without needing to add any extra highlighter, while the pale pink adds a pretty, fresh flush. I only got this in the T K Maxx big brand event recently, but I have reached for it pretty much everyday since as it is perfect for this time of year!



Moving into the shades I reach for more in winter, Luminary is a dusky pink with a slight, shimmery hint to it. I have had this shade for 2 or 3 years now and I always go back to it through autumn and winter as it works so perfectly to add a winter flush to my skin with just the right amount of subtle glow. I just love this shade!


Your Highness

Another longer standing shade in my collection, this is a more brown tone with some pink hints, this mostly comes from the light pink fine glitter running through it. Unlike Velvet, the base to the glitter has more of a sheen, meaning the glitter looks more like it’s part of the blush as opposed to being a separate entity. I reach for this mostly in Autumn as the brown tone works well with the last remnants of the slight tan I sometimes manage to get.


Naughty, Naughty

Can you tell I went a bit over the top on blushers in the T K Maxx big brand event as this is yet another from that haul. This shade sits between velvet and Your Highness. This is the second glitteriest BareMinerals blush shade in my collection, second only to Kiss. The base shade is a brown toned peach (leaning heavily on the brown side) with both cool toned pink and champagne glitter. Again, I haven’t properly used this yet as it is such a recent purchase and more of a winter shade for me.



This is a matte brown/peach shade that could pass as either a blush or a light bronzer. Again, this was part of my recent haul and I haven’t used it yet but I am looking forward to how it will look when I do. I’m not sure if it will come out more peach on the cheeks in which case it won’t work so well as a bronzer but we’ll see.


So that is the entirety of my BareMineral Blush collection as it is at the moment. I would like to try and get some more berry pink shades but at the moment I haven’t found that in T K Maxx and I’m not prepared to pay £20 each for these. I do of course have blushers from other brands which fit this too so I’m not overly bothered, although this is my favourite formula right now!


I would love to know what you think of these loose blush powders and what great bargains you have found in T K Maxx! Let me know in the comments!

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