TooFaced Natural Love Palette First Impressions…

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Things got pretty hectic for a week there! I am back to it now though starting with yet another haul/first impressions… I really should cut back on the spending!

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If you follow me on twitter you may have seen that at the start of March I took full advantage of the free international shipping offer on the TooFaced website (sadly no longer running) and ordered the newly released Natural Love 30 shade eyeshadow palette, as well as a couple of other goodies from the sale section that I haven’t seen in the UK/were limited edition so I can’t easily get them now.


The main reason for my order was of course the palette but, not one to waste free shipping, I also got the Melted Matte lipstick in the limited edition Candy Cane shade and the Naughty Kisses and Sweet Cheeks 3 part gift set; as well as a Milk Chocolate Soleil sample and Shadow Insurance sample which came free with the order.

TooFaced Natural Love Palette (£52,


This palette definitely has the wow factor. The usually cutsie TooFaced decorations cover the box with blossom trees, bunnies and birds on top of a beige backing, giving it a very fresh spring time feel, perfect for its time of release. The packaging for this does have one main difference when compared to their other palettes. In the past TooFaced have been well known for using metal packaging which, although a little bulkier at times, is well known for being sturdy. However, for this palette they have opted for a thick cardboard instead. This has definitely allowed the palette to be a bit slimmer, however I’m not sure how well it will hold up with regular travel. On the front of this is the same pattern as the front of the box but with velvet embellishments on the writing and flowers. Thankfully, although the packaging is different, there does still seem to be a magnetic closure so hopefully it won’t come open when I travel and there are no clasp tabs for me to break! My Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette just doesn’t look the same with a hairband holding it closed…

Opening this up the same pattern continues bordering a massive mirror on the inside of the cover. With it being a large palette to accommodate 30 eyeshadows, despite the border of the mirror being quite thick, it is still very sizeable, bigger than my normal travel mirror in fact.


Another of the usual signatures of TooFaced is the product scents (or at least is seems to be for the new releases such as sweet peach and the honey peanut butter collections) however this is also distinctly missing from the natural love palette. Sadly, this is just a general cosmetic scent, if you can even smell anything at all. I personally would have loved a subtle rose or strawberry cream scent with these, nothing too much but enough to add a slightly more luxurious, high-end feel that I would normally associate with the brand.

I am planning on doing a full review once I have had a chance to test the palette properly, but so far, with the exception of the shade Fairy Tale, these have the usual great feel and pigmentation expected from Too Faced. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Fairy Tale, it is a beautiful light golden, fine glitter. The problem is that there is a lot of fall down. I am not too surprised by this as glitter and fall down do come hand in hand on most occasions, however, I have this less with other highly glittered and metallic shades from the brand. If you can manage the fall down though, this is a beautiful shade to use as an eyeshadow topper that still lets the colours under it pop. This may just be me thinking this of course because I am a big lover of all things shiny and glittery… apparently Niffler is my spirit animal!

Overall from my first impressions, I would give this palette an 8/10, stay tuned in the next couple of months for my full review and swatches!


TooFaced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Candy Cane (£9 SALE,

This comes in the same packaging that the Melted Mattes usually come in but with a Christmassy twist in the form of a festive banner across the top of the box and a stripy pink candy cane theme background. This packaging has a bit more of a grown up feel compared to some products by the brand but it is still well decorated with lots of fonts and melted accents.


The liquid lipstick tube feels very luxurious to hold and continues the candy cane theme with a pink stripy lid matching the box. The gold writing on the tube is slightly raised. For me this just helps it feel more high-end as it isn’t just a sticker added on top, it actually feels like it is part of the tube and more effort has gone it to producing it. The squared off bottom adds a different touch with more of a unique shape while also making it a bit more practical as it stands up nicely if you did want to store it like this. The tube has a nice weight to it so although it is plastic, it does feel like it is high quality.

As I mentioned before, TooFaced are well known for their scented products and this is no exception. Opening the tube, you are hit with a strong scent that they describe as “Peppermint Mocha”. I definitely do get a peppermint chocolate scent from this which I quite like, but it is incredibly strong and lingers on the lips so is definitely one to be wary of if you are considering buying this but don’t like strongly scented cosmetics.

The shade of this is a bright hot pink which I personally love and the colour in the tube is very true to the colour on my lips which I love. So far I have only tried this on for an hour or so before I took it off to eat so I can’t really say a lot about the staying power. I will say though that it definitely does transfer.

For first impressions, I would probably give this a 7/10. Again, this may change, you never know, so stay tuned for a full review in a couple of months.


Naughty Kisses and Sweet Cheeks Gift Set (£14 SALE,

This set came with three gift sets inside, each with a blush and Lip Injection gloss combo. To be honest I mainly got this for the blushes as I really want to try them but I will try the glosses too, although I don’t usually reach for a gloss most of the time, I usually opt for a matte shade. Each pair inside are colour matched to complement each other and be worn together. There is a purple tone, pink tone and light beige/brown tone. I am still yet to properly open these so I can’t give much of a first impressions but I will say that the blush packaging does feel very plastic and reminds me a lot of children’s play makeup but hopefully the blushes inside won’t.

I will test these out and give it a proper review, but at the moment it is probably a 6 or 7/10.

I’m also not going to talk about the free samples much now as I haven’t tried those either. I would say though that the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer looks very similar to my Body Shop Honey bronzer so I will look at doing a comparison for these if you would be interested?


I am very happy with my purchase and I love what I got, the only real downside of this order was the postage. TooFaced isn’t the most easily available in the UK as the product range in Debenhams is quite small and products are released here months after America (nothing new there with most brands to be honest). This order was purchased on the site which ships to the UK from America by a company called Borderfree. The overall time between ordering and delivery was 22 days and the parcel was actually only in transit for 8 days of this. It took TWO WEEKS for my parcel to be shipped in the first place! Yes I understand that delivery from the US to the UK does take time, however it shouldn’t have taken them 2 weeks to even start the process. I was disappointed by this and it took 2 emails, 2 tweets and finally an Instagram message for me to even get a response from the company which isn’t the best customer services I have ever received.

I probably wouldn’t have placed this order if I didn’t get free shipping as I still had to pay £18 in tax and shipping would have been another £24 on top adding an extra 25% cost to my order and for the length of delivery and poor service, I just don’t think it’s worth it. As much as I love the products, I think I will wait for them to become available in Debenhams in future.

I had also hoped to get one of the lovelights highlighters too, but the two lighter shades were out of stock when I placed my order and, after seeing some bad reviews that they aren’t very pigmented, I am actually glad I didn’t. I will wait and swatch these if I find them in store when (if) they get released here.

What do you think of TooFaced products? Please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

The Mechanic x


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