A Collective Haul…

Hi Guys!

Recently I may have been doing a little bit… or a lot… of shopping, so I decided to gather it together and write a haul post for it all. Some of this I bought instore and others I got online. I have also got an order from TooFaced on the way but I will write a haul post on that when it arrives.




The first item I got in Primark were the Denim Co. Super High Waisted Skinny Coated Finish Jeans (£13). I have had some leather look leggings for a while but they aren’t as fitted as I would have liked so I have wanted some others with a proper waistband, not elasticated. I had seen some online but I was reluctant to buy them because I wasn’t sure how well they would fit, with stuff like this I really like to try it on. When I spotted these in Primark for just £13 I couldn’t resist them! The fit is prefect and they are a good length. The quality seems good too, they are stretchy and the stitching seems well done. Hopefully for the amount that I will wear these they will last well.


The second item is a pair of Atmosphere Cut Out Wedge Heels in a Pink-Beige Nude Shade and a faux suede finish. I got these because one of my closest friends gets married at the end of April and I thought these would be great for it. The dress (keep reading) is a Deep Royal Blue and a nude shade will help brighten the outfit. I also chose a wedge heel because I find them a lot easier to walk in and seeing as I currently don’t know how I am getting between the church and reception venue (a good 45-minute drive) a bit of a walk may end up being necessary!


The next Primark item is another pair of shoes, these are converse style in a similar colour to the heels, also with a faux suede finish. I got these because all I took with me to Dom’s last weekend were fur lined boots and for once in the North West of England, we actually had some sun shine! I ended up being way too warm in my boots so I got these to keep at his in case I don’t have space to pack some extra shoes, not just the Timberland boots I wear to work, when I visit in future.



Finally, on a separate trip to Primark I treated myself to some new bed sheets… in the Marauder’s Map print. By now you will probably be well aware of my slight Harry Potter obsession what with my posts about the Harry Potter Play and the Harry Potter Makeup Brushes. Anyway, I just couldn’t resist adding these bed sheets to my room. The feel of these is pretty standard for the price, they aren’t the softest but for £18 you can’t expect silk and satin. I brought these purely for the print and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint! Some of the Primark prints have fallen short in my opinion for looking stretched and pixelated, luckily, this doesn’t. My favourite part is definitely the Twisted words of the womping willow with the Marauder’s Map front cover. This is on one side with the pillows showing the slogans “Mischief Managed” and “I Solomenly Swear That I Am Up To No Good” while the other side of both the duvet and pillows is the key aspects of the Map cover repeated all over but in negative, with dark backgrounds. Can you tell I am very, very excited to use these?! Bring on bedtime!


Last Friday there was a deal on in Clintons for 50% off all Yankee Candle products so I decided to get a few bits. I couldn’t get any of the larger candles as I would have struggled to get them back home on the train. Instead I chose to get a Votive Candle Bucket Holder in the clear glass (Full Price £3.99) and 4 Votive Candles (Full Price £1.99);


2 x Red Raspberry – a sweet fruit scent with some sharper hints

1 x True Rose – A flowery scent not too far off the rose description

1 x Black Cherry – A sharper fruit scent with more waxy hints than the others

I haven’t tried any of these yet but I am looking forward to seeing how well they burn and how they smell when burnt as I haven’t tried any of these scents before.


Also from Clintons I decided to add to my (and Dom’s) Disney Tsum Tsum collections (£3.50 each). I saw some of the Beauty and the Beast mini Tsum Tsum’s and I couldn’t resist. My favourites from those available were Lumiere and the Beast so I got those as well as Abu because it was just so cute and Dr Strange for Dom. The perfect first Tsum Tsum for him as his Surname is Strange.


Firstly from boots I picked up a backup of my old faithful for my eyebrows, the Collection Colour Lash Mascara in Clear. I have used this for about 2 or 3 years now and made my way through several tubes so I can definitely say that, for me at least, it is worth having back ups!


I also decided to try two of the NYX pigments as they just looked so beautiful on the stand in Leeds Boots. I considered the NYX Glitters which I really want some of too, but the shades that were left, as most were sold out, just didn’t complement me so I stuck to the pigments. I got the shade Brighten Up and Stunner.

Brighten Up is a light luminescent white shade with golden undertones.

Stunner is a lovely pink shade, also with a golden undertone, giving a pretty rose gold effect.

I am very excited to give these a try, I will probably get the opportunity to test them out properly going out for my birthday next week but until then, swatches on my hands will have to do. From this I can definitely say that I will be applying these with a wet brush. Swatched dry, these seemed to have a lot of fall down but when I tried these with my setting spray on the brush this wasn’t a problem and the pigment was a lot more opaque. Fingers crossed it works this well actually applied to the eyelid!



As I said earlier, I picked up a Deep Royal Blue dress (£28) for my friend’s wedding. This is a Cold Shoulder dress with a frill section around the top and sleeves and a loose fluttery skirt. I personally prefer dresses with a higher neck line and shorter skirt so this works well for me without being too short to be wedding appropriate.

Beauty Bakerie Versailles

The last item I got was another Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip (£16). If you have read my first impressions post you will know that I have been really liking these and as I was placing an ASOS order I couldn’t resist getting another. I got the shade Versailles which is a pink nude, lighter than Gingersnap and not dis-similar to MAC Brave Satin Lipstick. I wanted to get this shade because it is a bit more wearable than the other shades I have and I am hoping it will work well with my outfit for the wedding as I want to wear a long-lasting lipstick so I don’t need to worry about it and this shade seems like a lovely spring shade for a wedding.

Wearing Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Versailles

So, those are all of my purchases, what do you think? Have you got any of these? I would love to know what you think of my outfit for the Wedding and if you want me to write a post on the full look, let me know in the comments!


Thanks for reading,

The Mechanic x

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