Harry Potter Makeup Brushes… Worth It?

Hi Guys!

So I’m sure by now you will have all seen the incredible makeup brushes by Storybook Cosmetics which are designed to look like Harry Potter Wands. As a massive fan of Harry Potter, I was of course desperate to get my hands on them!

The first edition released for pre-order before Christmas had handles which were replicas of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Voldemort and Dumbledore’s (Elder) Wand which looked incredible. However, after the second pre-release of these, they decided to make them limited edition and they are no longer available (a sad moment for us all) I was gutted that I missed out on these as I had wanted to wait until after Christmas but they did at least decide to release a second edition set which are entirely their own designs. I of course ordered a set of these straight away!

2017-03-04 12.01.13

As they were from America, they did take some time to be delivered, although the tracking information seemed to stop at London so it was a complete surprise when they turned up on the doorstep and I thought they were stuck at customs! Luckily, I wasn’t charged any customs on these so I was very happy. The overall delivery time for these was around 3 weeks and in this time, I may have decided to see what copies I could find of the First Edition set of brushes as I was still desperate to have the actual Harry Potter brushes. If you take to EBay, you will find several people selling these and I went with this set at a third of the price I paid for the genuine Storybook Cosmetics brushes. Read on for my review and comparison!

2017-03-04 12.01.38

The Storybook Cosmetics brushes arrived in a lovely navy blue velvet drawstring bag with silver accents which was a really nice touch, especially as the eBay alternative was just wrapped in bubble wrap, at least this kept the brushes well protected. Both sets of brushes are beautifully weighted with the handles being made of a highly-polished gun-metal grey metal. Whilst both also have seam lines down the handles, these have been better prepared and sanded back on the genuine set as the EBay alternative were a lot more prominent and rougher. Other than this, there is only one obvious aesthetical difference between the two brushes and that is the ferrule on the EBay copy is plain silver, whilst the genuine set is black with Storybook Cosmetics branding. Whilst there is this difference it is worth noting that on the first edition of the genuine set which the Ebay copy are modelled from, the ferrule was also silver.

2017-03-04 12.01.44

The brush heads on the two sets are very similar, but there are different styles in each set. This is because the company changed this as well as the ferrule between the two sets. The genuine brushes are cut more gently with careful tapering while the EBay set have some uneven hairs which do not sit in position with the others. Despite this though, the softness of the brushes is similar as is the aesthetic.

2017-03-04 12.01.59

Overall my first impression of the Storybook cosmetics brush is very high. I personally brought these for the wand look which certainly delivers, but the quality of the brush head is high too and similar to that of others I have in my collection. None of the brushes I have are considered high end so I can’t compare the quality of these to something like a MAC brush but I would rate them well against my Real Techniques brushes. After just a couple of uses, the EBay brushes are pretty well matched to the genuine brushes, however, the true test for these will be the performance over time so while first impressions are good, I will do an update in a few months on how they are holding up.

In my opinion, the genuine brushes were 100% worth it, just for the look, let alone the good quality of the brush head that to me seemed like a bonus.

2017-03-04 12.01.13

I am willing to buy brushes like this as copies on EBay (although not often, it was only because the genuine brushes were limited edition and won’t be available again), however, cosmetic products such as eyeshadow palettes, foundation, etc. I only purchase from genuine retailers as I am very conscious of what I apply to my face. Especially as I do have very reactive and sensitive skin anyway.

Storybook cosmetics are producing concepts for some incredible products and, even better, they ask for input from the public on their designs through their Instagram page, I really recommend giving it a look if you haven’t already! Especially as this is where the they announce their pre-releases.

2017-03-04 12.01.22-1

I would love to know what you think of these brushes and if you have managed to get your hands on them too!

Thanks for reading!

The Mechanic x

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