Beauty Bakerie First Impressions…

Hi Guys!

So I have been a little naughty recently with my spending! I may have decided to invest in a few new products including two of the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips and just in case I couldn’t get it off any other way, the remover too! I have wanted these for a while now as the videos of the staying power are ridiculous! I wasn’t sure whether to believe them or not but I knew I had to try it. My main motivation for getting these was my boyfriend’s birthday. He had planned a night out and I obviously wanted to go all out with my makeup, lipstick included. Sadly whenever I wear lipstick he complains like mad! He hates it if I leave lipstick marks on him and to be honest it isn’t great on my food and silly straw either! (yes I used a silly straw with my Malibu and pineapple, no I am not 5…) So I decided to surprise him with this.



The boxes the products arrive in, I absolutely love, especially the remover, it looks like a little bakery shop! It’s all very cutsie and fresh with pinks and pastel shades which really helps give it a bakery icing feel, keeping with the theme of the brand. For me the lid of the remover is the highlight of that product’s internal packaging as it’s a bright greenish-blue with a mirror finish. To be honest I was a little disappointed by the rest of the tub. To me it seems a little cheap and feels too plastic-y especially for a pack of makeup removers costing £13. I think it would have felt more luxurious if the base was made of glass, especially frosted glass. This would have also helped to continue the theme of the lip whip packaging, these definitely stole the show for me. The lid is in a gorgeous matte shade similar to the lid of the remover with lip whip written on it in a raised script. The rest of the tube is a lovely matte finish also but see through so the colour of the product is visible. Within this see through area, I have no idea how, but there is a spiral effect running through the tube, making it even more luxurious.



Onto the Lip Whips themselves, I chose the colours Gingersnap and Take Me For Pomegranate, these two shades caught my eye most from the start.


Gingersnap is a rusty matte shade that sits on the scale of a darkish brown toned nude with red undertones for me.


Take Me For Pomegranate is a deep but still bright pink shade with red tones.

I definitely think these were the right colour choices as they are very contrasting and mean that I can have more of a range of uses than if I had got 2 nude shades or 2 bright shades. I would probably go for a bright red and a lighter nude to add to the collection next!

Normally I would comment on the smell but I seem to have had a blocked nose for weeks now and I can’t really smell anything, so you will have to wait for my updated opinion/full review (because I definitely haven’t already gone into enough detail here…) for that one. I think by review that will probably be more of a swatch test with the product actually on my lips and talking about new colours if I get any.


I have tried out both of these shades and the formula is the same. They fully dry down very quickly, quicker than any other matte liquid lipsticks I have tried, to a lovely even finish. There was no running while they were applied or any bleeding as time went on so lip liner isn’t really necessary, especially with the colour payoff being so good. On the Saturday night of Dom’s birthday when I first tried one, Gingersnap, I definitely put it through its paces. I applied the lip whip at about 7pm and I didn’t really moisturise my lips first so it felt a bit drying reasonably quickly, although the alcohol was probably a contributing factor. This did settle into lines and dry patches but I personally don’t expect much else from a matte shade, and my lips were not in a good condition before I applied it. I would definitely exfoliate and apply lip balm before these in future, as I did the second time which felt a lot better.

Wet Swatches

I was eating and drinking quite soon after application and there were no marks or even traces left anywhere, I was very impressed from the start with that. Within 30 to 45 minutes (basically however long I spent doing my hair and getting dressed/avoiding watching rugby) I attempted a kiss test with my very reluctant boyfriend who was very happy to find out he could kiss me without being covered in smeared lipstick! Safe to say, Beauty Bakerie have his approval (not that it was needed, but it’s always nice).

So we of course went out and had a great night celebrating his birthday, drank a bit too much and I was very naughty and forgot to take my make up off. I could almost hear my skin suffocating the next day…

Dry Swatches

When I finally dragged myself out of bed and braved a mirror, my mascara and eyeliner were smeared everywhere but the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip still looked PERFECT! How is that even possible! I definitely wouldn’t recommend leaving it on that long as it definitely got drier, although alcohol won’t have helped there either, and my lips were not in a good way. Since then I have used this for a few hours in a more normal situation and it was a little dry but not at all uncomfortable as it feels like such a thin layer is needed and it is still fully pigmented. I would imagine that worn during the day, if you are drinking normal drinks – not just alcohol – and remove it before bed, it shouldn’t be a problem. I will of course test this again for a proper review in a few months.

Back to the story, my makeup was smeared everywhere except for the lipstick and I was so glad I had purchased the Lip Whip remover to get it off because it had survived so much, I honestly wasn’t sure what else would have worked. Considering this, the remover worked very effectively, very quickly and I was really impressed with it. I had expected a lot more scrubbing with the need of exfoliation to clear it but it came off like a sheer moisturising lipstick does with a baby wipe. On top of this the oily residue left behind did a lot to re-boost my lips despite them previously feeling so dry. It actually felt really nice to gently massage it into my lips, overall a really good experience and even better the second time I used it because I wasn’t as dehydrated in general. I did try using coconut oil to remove it the second time and that did absolutely nothing so I still had to revert back to the specific remover.


Bottom Line

If you want a concise answer… I 100% recommend these.

I expected them to be drying, which they are, there is no way they wouldn’t be with that sort of staying power. I brought these in the hopes that I had found a product that would look good all day without reapplication despite eating and drinking (and probably chewing my nails from stress when I am back at uni next year) and these more than delivered. I probably tested gingersnap for the first time with pretty much every scenario I would go through which would wear away my lipstick and it was still there at lunch time the next day – incredible. Then for the remover to take it off so easily, mind blown. I may have found the holy grail formula for the lazy right here.

Beauty Bakerie are now available on ASOS (make the most of student discount!) where the lip whips cost £16 and the remover is £13 before any discounts are applied. These are a similar price to MAC lipsticks but for me this is definitely more worth it as I will wear it a lot more. I am all for putting on my makeup and just being able to forget about it for the rest of the day and with these I can do that and (my lipstick at least) stays looking brilliant. With the remover, as much as I loved how well it worked and felt, I don’t think I could justify that price every 50 uses so I do intend to test other methods such as olive oil with sugar (would you like me to do a post of this?), to see what could work better on a budget. It definitely feels better value for money with the lipsticks than remover.

I am really looking forward to trying more from the brand and I can’t wait for more of their eye products, especially the glitter sprinkles to make it on to ASOS so I can give them a try! If you did want to try more of the range but can’t wait to see if ASOS get it in, then you can order direct from their website or Cult Beauty.

What do you think? Does the incredible staying power catch your interest? Let me know in the comments! I would love to hear your opinions if you have tried them before too!

Thanks so much for reading!

The Mechanic x

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