Alyssa Smith Jewellery Review…

Hi Guys!

So a couple of months ago now I stumbled across some absolutely stunning jewellery by Alyssa Smith. All of the jewellery is beautiful but what really caught my eye was the Smith & Perry Motorsports jewellery collection, not surprising really considering I am a Motorsports engineering student… Anyway, what I love about this collection is the simplicity and elegance, as well as the wide range. The track products with a little frame in the shape of a track aren’t in your face yet anyone with any sort of idea about motorsports would recognise the meaning. What’s more, the patterns are in a wide variety of jewellery types to suit all preferences from necklaces, to charm bracelets, to cufflinks. This collection was designed in collaboration with Suzi Perry, a well-known TV presenter for MotoGP and F1, meaning that she was able to bring her knowledge from over a decade of working so closely within the industry to make sure that the perfect types of jewellery were created.

Dom has way to many of these hats but they do make good props! It’s my fault anyway to be honest, I need to stop buying him them…

Having discovered this brand, last month I had the perfect opportunity to place an order and try them out. I chose to purchase the Race Car Cufflinks as a birthday present for my boyfriend who is also studying Motorsports engineering and is a massive fan of F1.  He didn’t own a pair of cufflinks before this and with a couple of weddings coming up and only one year left at uni I thought it would be nice for him to have something smart and special to wear for all sorts of occasions.

When I ordered these they arrived quickly however I was not provided with tracking information which I would have preferred with something in this price range. Despite this though, I do trust that it would be sent reliably, which was proven by how quickly I received the order.


The cufflinks are packaged in a lovely gift box tied with white branded ribbon, which Dom decided not to keep so sadly I couldn’t photograph it… The box itself is textured silver (a very fine ribbed feel) with black accents, such as the text and internals, which was perfect for the purpose because it looks elegant and sophisticated without being feminine.

Upon opening the box, you will find a little card from Smith & Perry detailing the usual care instructions and, on the other side, that some of the proceeds from the jewellery will be donated to the Promise Dreams Children’s Charity. This means that, not only do you purchase a beautiful piece of jewellery with this collection, you also contribute to a charity helping to grant wishes for terminally ill children. You can read more about the donations and how they have helped here and more about the charity here.


Under this card, held in place by the usual black velvet topped jewellery foam, are the cufflinks. These are a beautiful polished silver and are very well detailed considering how small they are. I did find a cheaper version of these in Debenhams at Christmas but the lower price was obvious from the lower quality compared to these. On the lower price version, there were visible seams from the manufacture process, they didn’t have much weight and the overall look just wasn’t quite there. In comparison, these Smith & Perry cufflinks were fantastic and seamless with noticeable weight to them that helps hold the shirt sleeves nicely.

2017-03-07 10.26.32

I purchased the standard silver Race Car Cufflinks, however via their bespoke jewellery option other metals are available, for instance shown among their bespoke projects are the tracks in different metals such as rose and yellow gold.


Overall I would 100% recommend this brand, if you aren’t a motorsports fan that doesn’t matter as there are so many other collections which are equally as stunning, I am drawn to the origami collection, such as the little bear as it is such an unusual and unique concept that works so well.

Race_Care Cufflinks_On_Shirt_Close

I will definitely be looking to purchase some more of their jewellery, I am particularly excited about the charm bracelet and tracks as I like the idea of collecting the tracks I get to go to as part of my job. My first time working as Tech Support is at Brands Hatch next week so I may have to treat myself to the bracelet and track for there before I finish my placement and go back to university!

Race_Care Cufflinks_On_Shirt

I would love to know what you think about Alyssa Smith Jewellery and I would love to hear about your favourites!


Thanks for reading!

The Mechanic x

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