Chamilia Beauty and the Beast Collection…

Hi Guys!

Today I want to talk to you about two great loves of mine: Disney and my Charm bracelet. I’m sure you all know I am minorly… majorly obsessed with all things Disney, even my tattoos follow the theme with Simba on my ankle and Ohana on my arm. By far though my favourite Disney film has always been Beauty and the Beast so I am more than excited for the upcoming live action version and I have my fingers crossed for a MAC makeup collection to go with it! One other collaboration I was eagerly anticipating was a Chamilia collection, especially as they released a Moana collection!


I decided to avoid looking at anything about what may be coming until pay day so I could actually afford a bead when I saw them and would immediately want them. When payday came, I can definitely say I was excited and it was love at first sight. In the collection are Chip, Mrs Potts, Lumiere, Belle’s Heart, A Tale as Old as Time book and I have seen a Mrs Potts spacer, a set of stacking rings, a necklace and earrings set, a yellow glass bead and the Rose bead, some of which aren’t part of the new collection and were available before but they still work together beautifully.

Initially I can only afford to buy myself one so I had to make sure I chose the one I loved most and that was a very hard choice as they are all so beautiful but I knew, as he was always my favourite character and because he is so incredibly cute, it had to be Chip.


Chamilia have done an excellent job of capturing the expressive, happy features that made Chip so lovable. The majority of the charm is silver with a hint of purple enamel on the teacup base. Just look at how adorable he is!

I have already had the rose bead for a couple of years now and chip works perfectly sat next to it on my bracelet. I already know that I want more of these and I’m hoping I will get me Lumiere for my birthday!


The other Chamilia beads on my bracelet are Thumper, the car (passing my driving test), a round chain link bead, a red glass bead, the motorbike (I will have a real bike one day!), lucky and a witch on a broom.  As a brand, Chamilia are my favourite for the beads, not just because of the Disney contract but also because of the vast selection and the intricacy of the beads, the wheels on the car and motorbike even move! They are so well thought out and perfectly executed. If you haven’t seen the Chamilia offerings before, I definitely recommend checking them out!


Thanks for Reading!

The Mechanic x

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