Bare Minerals Glow Together Palette Review…

Hi Guys,

So, I only really made one big purchase in the after-Christmas sales this year and that was this beautiful palette from Bare Minerals. I had my eye on this for a long time before purchasing but decided that I couldn’t part with £29 for it so I waited and when I went to purchase a new Original Foundation (still my daily favourite), I spotted this in the sale and grabbed it for about £19, much better for my purse than the full price!

Sadly as this was a limited edition product, I can’t find it available anywhere to add a link.


I have been using this most days for about a month now so I want to give you a review of what I think. I may do this with a bit of a comparison to their loose blusher & bronzer to compare the quality to their standard range products.

If you want a quick summary of what I think skip to the Bottom Line paragraph towards the end!


As always, I am going to start off with the packaging! As this was designed for the Christmas range this of course has beautiful luxurious packaging perfect for making someone feel special as they unwrap it under the tree… or in my case, when you take it out of the sale bag after treating yourself. Anyway, the box is simple gold with a red band around it (I am assuming they were thinking of wrapping paper and ribbon?). The gold is embossed with leaves that remind me of the hanging willow branches covered in leaves. This colour and embossing is continued onto the front of the sturdy cardboard packaging of the palette itself which is very simple, Bare Minerals is written fairly small on the front and there is the usual necessary information on the back. The palette closes with a magnet meaning there isn’t any clasp or catch to break (I’m sorry Naked 3…) and when open there is a decent sized mirror – although it could definitely be bigger – and the powders are set into what I can only describe as a matte black block.


From looking at this I do wonder why the powders are set so deeply into the packaging? This may just be an illusion because they are domed baked powders but it does seem a little odd at first. Although, this did seem to help stop any colour crossing when you swirl a big brush in one of the powders.

Overall I do like this packaging, it feels very lux and I don’t think it would break too easily, but some elements of it don’t marry as well with the rest of the look, such as the black plastic backing for the powders – although the colours do show up well against this – which feels a little out of place to me.


The powders themselves, I have a bit of a mixed opinion of. In the palette are a highlighter, a matte blusher and a marble bronzer with some highlight running through it.



 I think it was this blusher that originally drew me to the palette. As the name suggests, this is a pretty dusty rose shade. As I would have expected with it being a baked blush, this is a bit drier in texture than the Original Loose powder blush and I feel like it takes more to get the same pigmentation, although this isn’t a bad thing because I can’t overdo it as sometimes happens with the original (and then I have to do a LOT of blending). Despite this, if you do like a stronger blush, it is possible to build the colour up as you can see from the swatch. I don’t have any other shades like this, I have a couple of berry blushers and some pinker summery shades, but this has definitely filled the gap between and it will be perfect as we transition from winter to spring (hurry up warmer weather!)




As I said before, this has a marble effect with a highlight (very similar if not the same as the one in the palette) running through it, meaning it does have a bit of a shimmer. This isn’t too much however, it just adds a nice glowing sheen to the product when you use it which I think is really pretty. The shade of this, and the blush as well, are definitely aimed at lighter skin tones so it shows up really well on my skin and I definitely think the pigmentation of this is better than the blush with less pan swirling needed, although this is still not on par with the original Bronzer. I am glad about this however as I don’t like too much bronzer and I find that the original bronzer can be too strong for me. Although I haven’t really put it to the test much so I definitely want to test it out more next year.




This is where my mixed opinion comes from, I really love the other two powders but this highlight is something that I am still unsure about. So far I just haven’t been able to make it work for me. This highlighter is very glittery in my opinion and there is either no colour/shimmer pigmentation or it just matches perfectly with my skin so all you can see when I sweep it on is sparse glitter. Not a pretty look for highlighter. So far I have tried it with a fan brush which was probably least effective as it didn’t show up well at all. I then tried it with a Real Techniques setting brush from the sculpting set which was a little better but still not great. I think I will try this again with tapping it on with my finger but if that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what will. Suggestions?

In the pan this is a very pretty golden highlight shade which has a very feint marble effect like the bronzer but with two shades of golden tones. It does look a bit glittery but I was still hopeful that it would work nicely on the skin the same way the bronzer does and I am so disappointed that it doesn’t!


So on to my final overall thoughts…



In general I do like this palette and I think it was worth what I spent for the blush and bronzer shades, however I am really disappointed that all I seem to get from the highlighter is sparsely spread glitter – not a pretty finish! With the poorer quality of the highlighter I am glad I didn’t pay full price as I don’t think it would have been worth the extra £10. The bronzer and blusher were nicely pigmented without being overpowering and the shades beautifully complement lighter skin tones and can work well together in a make up look.

Overall I do consider this to be a hit and for £19 it was definitely worth it especially as there seems to be a good amount of product for the price, even more so when compared to the £20 price tag of individual blushers. Sadly the highlighter brings it down so I would only give it a 3 out of 5 but if you can still find it available somewhere, the other two powders are worth it!


Have any of you tried this palette? I would love to know your thoughts and whether you have had better luck with the highlighter!


Thanks for Reading!

The Mechanic x

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