Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review…

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So, after my laptop debacle I am finally back creating posts properly, thank god! I didn’t realise quite how much I rely on it, especially without a TV…

Anyway, back at the end of September I decided to treat myself thanks to the Debenhams 10% off Beauty and having £10 on my Debenhams Beauty Card, I finally got myself another high-end eyeshadow palette. My only other venture into high-end palettes has been the Urban Decay Naked3 palette which I love but pink tones aren’t always what I want to use. Instead of heading for another Urban Decay offering, I chose to go for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. As with everything these days, I scoured reviews for suggestions and decided that the original chocolate bar palette was perfect for me as it has the types of shades I was looking for. This is my first Too Faced product so I was very excited to give it a try, I have been admiring the products for a long time but I’ve not been able to justify the cost until now – with the help of an actual wage and a little discount.

I have been playing with this for a few weeks now and I finally feel like I can do it justice in a review, if you just want a short summary and not all my rambles, skip down to the Bottom Line paragraph towards the end…


As always I’m going to start with a packaging overview which I must say, as with all Too Faced, is adorable. Too Faced definitely go for the cutsie element with a box covered in pretty pink, decorative patterns and lettering designs that work very well for the overall effect. A few years ago, I would have run away from anything remotely cute but thankfully I pushed that opinion aside a long time ago as this is much more than the packaging! Once passed the box, the palette itself has been designed to look like, you guessed it (although you probably already knew) a chocolate bar! And oh my is it lovely! The beautiful metal finish adds to the luxury of the feel with the raised text on the lid and the little squares of “chocolate” working so perfectly for the theme. The palette itself has less of the cutsie effect but still ties in nicely with the box as it maintains the overall colour scheme. Opening the palette there is a good size mirror although it does not fill the lid which would have been nice. It is also a bit oddly shaped with the “chocolate bar” text covering corners.

The closure of the palette deserve a mention too as it is magnetic. I love this, it adds a good quality feel and it stops any clips from being broken (like on my Naked3 palette… opps…). For the clumsy this is definitely a godsend.


On to the eyeshadows themselves, I find that the order of the shades is a little odd, I personally prefer them to be ordered in a gradient from light to dark, these however seem a bit higgledy piggledy. Maybe this is just my perfectionist side showing? Ah well…

There are 16 shades in total, with two, white chocolate and champagne truffle being double the size of all of the others. I understand this for white chocolate but I’m not sure if this was necessary for champagne truffle. It is a very light pink with a hell of a lot of shimmer that seems perfect for the inner corner, but I don’t think I would use it for much else. I am assuming the thought behind this was maybe for use as a highlighter? I probably won’t try that though. The other 14 pans are a very good size and, for me a least, will last ages.

The last thing I must mention before I get on with reviewing the shades is the smell. When I first brought this, the smell didn’t seem like it was very chocolatey but now I have worn through the top layer of the shades it is very, very prominent, sometimes I will still be smelling it hours later! No complaints here! Although it does give me serious chocolate cravings… For me, using this every morning is like Advent all year. I love it in December, waking up eating my advent chocolate and getting that smell and taste first thing in the morning, this is JUST LIKE THAT (but without actually eating it). It hasn’t failed to make me smile yet. Seriously, LOVE.



Top Row.jpg

Gilded Ganache – I would describe this shade as a blackened brown with flecks of gold and bronze-orange glitter running all through it. Due to the glitter, running my finger over this to swatch, it felt more coarse than soft and buttery and I feel like it could cause some fall out, however it is also a unique shade that I rather like, perfect for a dark smoky eye or a glittery lash line.

White Chocolate – This is a pale, matte cream shade that for me is a perfect match for my skin tone. I love this daily, even when I am not using any other eyeshadow, as base and to set my foundation/concealer in that area as it works better to stop creasing on my eyelid than my face powder. I don’t use an eyeshadow primer as most days I am too lazy so I guess this works as an alternative for me.

Milk Chocolate – This is a medium, warm matte brown that I really like as a transition shade or through the crease on tone down days. There isn’t much more to say about this, it feels nice and soft but does need a bit of work to reach the full colour pay off otherwise it can look a bit washed away.

Black Forest Truffle – This is another striking glitter shade like Gilded Ganache. Black Forest Truffle is a purple shade filled with golden and pink glitter I would probably use this similarly to Gilded Ganache as it is a dark purple base colour. Again, this can come off feeling a little grainy.

Triple Fudge – This is the darkest matte shade in the pan, it is a deep, warm brown that works very well as a crease shade or as a liner with a wet brush. This shade feels easier to get the colour pay off desired than milk chocolate, despite the similar formula.




Salted Caramel – This is a light peach-brown matte, it’s like the white chocolate and milk chocolate shades have been combined it has the same soft formula and makes a lovely transition or base shade.

Marzipan – This shade for me is like a slightly paler, very shimmery version of salted caramel. This is my second most used shade next to white chocolate; I use it a lot with neutral makeup all over the lid as it isn’t too striking but is still very pretty. I’m not sure if my love of eating marzipan has made me biased towards the shade…

Semi-Sweet – This is a warm matte shade in a colour slightly darker than milk chocolate, again I like this for a neutral crease, lower lash line or outer corner. Nothing else I can really say about the matte browns, they are necessary shades that I was lacking but they don’t really have the wow factor either, that always comes from the glitters.

Strawberry Bon Bon – This is a very well named shade as it truly is the pale pink of strawberry bonbons, shame it doesn’t have the strawberry smell to! This is a matte shade perfect for all over the lid colour. I’m not sure how much I will use this shade as the pink doesn’t show up too well on my eyelid… maybe I do need a primer…

Candie Violet – This one makes me think of Thornton’s Violet Creams whenever I look at it (or Violent Screams as my family always call them!). This is a medium, cooler-toned purple shade with pink and blue glitter throughout. Although it is more towards the glitter than shimmer, it doesn’t have the grainy feel the others seemed to have but it does have a similar look to it. I’m not sure this will get much use either however as I always worry purple shades make me look like I have a black eye.

Amaretto – This is a dark bronze/cherry shimmer shade. Looking at this definitely has me thinking of cherries or the colour on the Dr Pepper logo but with added gold and red shimmer. Maybe I think of Dr Pepper because Amaretto and Coke together is like Alcoholic Dr Pepper (not my favourite drink at all…) I really like this shade for the outer corner blended across the lid.




Hazelnut – The undertones of this shade are very similar to Milk Chocolate but Hazelnut has a soft, slightly sparse, glitter through it. This isn’t glitter on the scale of the others but it is chunkier than a shimmer. The glitters in this are golden and bronze. I like this if I want to use glitter without being over the top.

Creme Brulee – For me, this is the palette’s showstopper. It is full on gold metallic shimmer. I love shades like this, I use them in the centre of the lid with more glitzy looks to really make my eyeshadow pop. This is just an all-around beautiful shade.

Haute Chocolate – This shade is triple fudge turned into a shimmer. It is a deeper, more metallic version of Hazelnut. I like to use this on the outer corner blended across.

Cherry Cordial – To be honest I was disappointed in this shade. In the pan it looks quite red toned, but once it is swatched it is more of a brown. It also seems as though there is reddish and maybe silvery shimmer in the pan, but again this was mostly lost. It’s a shame because in the pan I really like it.

Champagne Truffle – As I have already said, this shade is a very, very, very pale pink shimmery shade that does appear less pink on my arm. I use this as an inner corner highlighter but it is too pale for anywhere else on the eye and for me at least it is too sparkly to use as a highlighter. Ah well.



This palette retails in Debenhams (UK) for £39. If you were planning on investing in a high-end warm tone eyeshadow palette then this is definitely a good choice. It has a nice mix of mattes, shimmers and glitters making it a good choice for all occasions and the shades all complement each other well.  I definitely reach for the matte browns most on a daily basis as I personally love a neutral look day-to-day but on the weekends, I have been loving the shimmers and glitters. The only shade that I have found truly disappointing is Cherry Cordial as it didn’t show the pan colour very well on the skin although a primer may help with that. At times the glitter shades can feel grainy but I think that is hard to avoid with true glitter and it doesn’t put me off.

Finally, if you don’t like the smell of chocolate it may not be for you, but personally I adore it. The smell of chocolate is a million times better that any chemical or cheap artificial smell on cheap palette.

This now ranks above my UD Naked3 Palette and I highly recommend it to everyone. IT’S LIKE ADVENT ALL YEAR! Who wouldn’t want that!


So there we go, my over the top, way too long ramblings about the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette. Thank you very much for reading, especially if you made it all of the way through – seriously well done – I would love to know if you have tried this and what you thought, let me know in the comment!


Thanks for putting up with my rambles!

The Mechanic x

9 thoughts on “Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review…

  1. A really great review! Was so helpful! I was thinking about buying this one for so long now I’ll give it a go 🙂
    Would be great of you’d also check out my beauty blog 😉
    xoxo Larissa

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    1. Thanks! They were actually a pain to take, my window is tiny so not much natural light and I am in a shared house of 7 so not really anywhere else I can take them! Really means a lot to hear that they are appreciated! 🙂 x

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