Homemade Hot Chocolate…

Hi Guys!

I’m so sorry this post is late! I have had a nightmare of my laptop dying on me and no internet since thursday! I am doing my best to sort this but I may not have a laptop until after next weekend so I am really sorry if my next post is a little late too! Anyway on to the bit you are actually interested in… Chocolate!!

The weather is turning, nights are drawing in and more and more I am wanting to cuddle up in cosy pjs with a good book and hot chocolate. My favourite hot chocolate by far is homemade Dairy Milk and Bourneville which is, in my opinion, incredible!

This recipe makes enough for 2 large mugs so find a friend to share it with!

Before Photo.jpg


  • 50g Dairy Milk Chocolate
  • 50g Bourneville Dark Chocolate
  • 1 pint milk
  • Vanilla, Mint or Orange Extract
  • Marshmallows
  • Cocoa Powder


Making this is so simple!

Melt the chocolate together with the milk in the saucepan, whisking for 3 to 4 minutes until the chocolate has dissolved. Add a few drops of your chosen extract (I love adding orange for a hot chocolate orange, so yummy), pour into your favourite mugs add your toppings and enjoy!

I personally love to use half milk and half dark chocolate because milk chocolate on it’s own is just too sweet, but the dark on it’s own isn’t sweet enough so this mix is the goldilocks effect for me.


I love this for those lazy Sundays watching a film, the F1 or reading a good book with my fluffy blanket. Or even as an evening treat after a long day at work.

I would love to know if you enjoy this too and how you like to enjoy it, let me know in the comments, especially if you try mixing in any other flavours… candy cane at Christmas maybe!?


Thanks for Reading!

The Mechanic x

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