MAC Autumnal Lipstick Picks…

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The middle of next week, on the 21st September, marks the official start of autumn! To be honest, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with autumn. I love it when it’s dry and crisp and I can wear a cosy hat and coat or gilet with my shearling Dr Martens, but when it’s cold and wet – all too often here – I really hate it, especially if I can’t stay home cuddled up with fluffy socks, pyjamas and a hot chocolate (the only good way to spend those miserable days!). One part of autumn that I really do love though is the deeper, cosy shades with clothing and makeup, especially lipsticks! I have recently brought a new MAC Cosmetics lipstick perfect for the season, and looking through my collection, there are some others that I will be pulling out of hibernation and I want to share them with you!

No matter what season, I have two extremes for coloured lip products, either lightweight tinted lip balms or something with a Matte/Satin finish. All of these MAC products fit into the latter.

So the shades that I will be reaching for this autumn are Retro (satin), D for Danger (matte) and Chili (matte) which you can see in the picture below! These can all be purchased from the MAC website for £15.50 each.

MAC Lipsticks.jpg
Left to Right: Chili, D for Danger, Retro

(For a quick summary of each shade, jump to the Bottom Line paragraph at the end of the post!)

Firstly I have got to say, I LOVE the packaging of MAC lipsticks, it’s so simple but has a feel of luxury. I definitely don’t need to say much about the look of the bullet because it is such a classic, instantly recognisable to the brand. Some high street brands have tried to copy this but they just can’t quite nail it. Everything from the slight metallic shimmer in the black bullet, to the engraved brand logo and the soft feel of the closure as opposed to the cheap snap, it just can’t be replicated.

Before I talk about the shades, I also just have to mention the fragrance of the lipstick bullet. All of the standard lipsticks have a vanilla scent that isn’t overpowering but feels lovely and is definitely noticeable (in a very, very good way) compared to chemical scents in quite a lot of cheaper lipsticks and it just adds to that higher end feel.

Onto the Lipstick shades themselves… (Swatches can be seen after my shade reviews)

MAC Retro (Satin)


Retro is my most recent MAC lipstick purchase and despite not having the opportunity to wear it too often yet, I have very much been enjoying it.

When it comes to nude everyday lipsticks, especially in the autumn and winter months, I tend to opt for darker shades as I feel like pale and overly pink shades wash me out and just don’t complement my skin tone. For me, Retro very much fits the everyday category as it is a darkish brown shade with hints of red making it perfect for throwing on day-to-day in the cooler months. As the shade feels softer and more muted, it doesn’t feel over the top for daily wear with a more subtle make-up look, not a your-lips-but-better shade but it still fits nicely. At the same time Retro could be added to a more glamorous look to make a statement.

Retro certainly fits nicely in terms of the name as the shade fits the “classic 90’s retro” look, I wouldn’t know first-hand though as I was only born in ‘95!

The finish of this is “Satin”, consider creamy feel but looks mostly matte. I think this is my favourite finish from MAC, I always avoid Lustre and Cremesheen type finishes as I am too lazy to regularly reapply, but at the same time as my lips along with skin really dry up from eczema, Matte shades can sometimes be a bit too drying for me to be comfortable wearing – hello gross, patchiness. So this makes for a great middle ground that is wearable the majority of the time. The bullet glides smoothly over the lips and once on I can barely feel it, which is a bonus as I hate feeling like I am wearing a mask. I can’t speak much on the wear time as it isn’t something I usually pay much attention to, but as I am too lazy to regularly reapply, you can assume that all of these shades are reasonably longwearing. I will mention though that this definitely wears away when eating and drinking and transfers a fair amount to the food as you do.


MAC Chili (Matte)


If I want something a little bit more striking but still wearable I opt for Chili. This is a beautiful brick red, meaning that it is a slightly muted red with orange undertones. This isn’t a classic bright red like Ruby Woo, but despite the muted undertones it still has that same classy feel associated with wearing a vibrant red as it is a deep colour. At the same time I feel like the subdued element allows it to be worn as a daytime lipstick – especially for the very adventurous bunch.

On me shades like this can really help make my lips look fuller, I don’t feel like this is a problem area for me anyway, but it just seems to add that little something extra and shows the definition in my lips much better than if I just apply a lip balm.

Chili has a “Matte” finish, but I definitely think it tends more towards Satin than uber-Matte. This glides on very smoothly like Retro but once it is on it dries down more leaving that matte finish, even so though, I don’t feel like this clings too much to my dry patches like some lip products do which I am always happy about. Again, I haven’t really thought much about the lasting power but if I gently dab off any excess this doesn’t transfer too much but it definitely wears away quite quickly with eating and drinking. I tend to try and remember to remove it before I properly eat too as I don’t like seeing the lipstick transfer onto my food… maybe that’s why I don’t know about staying power, I can’t go too long between eating!


MAC D For Danger (Matte)


This is definitely one of those braver shades for me, the further I go from browns and nudes the more daring I am being. D For Danger is a pinkish-berry-red-wine shade. I love this shade for autumn as for me it is the classic lip colour that you think of for the season. I love this sort of shade but I also regularly question whether I can pull it off… this time of year anyone can! I definitely want to reach for this one more often this year, especially at Halloween (Alton Towers Scarefest I am coming for you!)

D For Danger, as with the other three shades, is beautifully opaque and shows up on my lips the same colour as the bullet so I don’t think any of these shades are in anyway misleading.

Once again D for Danger has a Matte finish. In my opinion this is more matte than chili, it doesn’t quite glide on as nicely and can drag slightly if I’m not careful. Despite this though it still feels comfortable to wear and doesn’t cling to dry patch on my lips too much. Wiping off excess also helps to reduce transfer but it is definitely still visible on mugs… and the boyfriend’s cheek… though this is likely due to the depth of the colour, it is definitely not muted.



MAC Retro – A beautiful ‘90’s dark brown shade with hints of red perfect for everyday wear. The satin finish allows it to glide on and feel comfortable on the lips while being opaque and longer lasting than sheen and gloss lipsticks. The satin finish as opposed to Matte means it does transfer a fair amount.

MAC Chili – A lovely muted brick red with orange undertones perfect for both a striking everyday look and a more glamorous occasion. Although this is a Matte finish, it tends more towards satin and glides nicely on the lips without dragging and doesn’t seem to cling to dry patches too much. This does transfer more than some matte formulas though.

MAC D For Danger – A beautiful berry or red wine shade perfect for autumn as it fits that classic autumn look. The Matte finish is more drying than chili and can drag on the lips a bit but it isn’t too drastic, this also means it attracts dry patches a bit more but again it isn’t excessive. This also has the same transfer issues as Chili.

Overall I definitely recommend these shades as we move into the cooler weather and the general luxurious feel makes the £15.50 price tag worth it in my opinion.

MAC Lipsticks_Plain.jpg
Left to Right: Chili, D for Danger, Retro

Have any of you tried these lipsticks? Let me know what you think and if there are any others you think I would love!


Thanks for Reading!

The mechanic x

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