Review: The Harry Potter Play (Spoiler Free!)

Hi Guys!

I am back as I said and I want to kick it off with something a bit different. If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that on the 18th June, just a week into the previews, I was lucky enough to go and see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London. This was thanks to several hours sat trying to get tickets when the first wave was released and a lot of luck.

I am so thankful that I got to see the play completely spoiler free before the screenplay was released (I wouldn’t have been able to resist otherwise) as this just added to the magic of every moment so of course I am keeping this review completely spoiler free because I want as many people eagerly waiting for the day they get to use their ticket to go in as clueless as I was to be completely blown away by every instance.

Harry Potter Play_3

Can you tell we were a bit excited?

The day that I saw the play (both parts on one day), approaching the Palace Theatre was so incredible. It really is the best choice of theatre as the front is so open that as you approach, at least from the direction I walked, you went around a corner and it was just there in all of its glory. I got so excited that I didn’t even get a photograph!

From here we walked across and went straight to ticket collection – a surprisingly short queue – and then proceeded to join the main queue which in stark contrast wrapped around the entire building… luckily this was reasonably quick and was only really there because it took time for bag checks before anyone entered the building. I would definitely not recommend rushing to get it this queue as you have specific seats so there is no clamouring to get to a position with a good view, it is definitely more worthwhile to take your time. Once you get inside, the merchandise queue wraps a long way down the stairs and, as the doors aren’t open, the mass of people stood waiting to go in completely blocks the stairs. The one drawback of the Palace Theatre is that, despite the beauty of the marble staircase, the foyer and waiting areas are definitely not big enough to accommodate that volume of people and it was unpleasant being so squished in with strangers, but the play was definitely worth it. When we got there for the first play we chose to go straight to finding where we needed to go for our seats instead of getting any merchandise but for part two we did join the queue, there was lots of stuff to buy but I just got a lanyard in my house colours (Hufflepuff and proud!) and a program as I couldn’t carry a lot with flying out on holiday the next day.

Harry Potter Play_2

Taking our seats the stage was curtain-free and the initial set was visible, building the intrigue and, as the room went dark, this is the first play I have been to where everyone clapped and cheered before it had even started as everyone was excited for what was to come.

The play itself was magnificent. Combining the tricks of the theatre with the magic of Harry Potter made everything even more… magical! All built thanks to the clever transitions and lighting, it truly felt like you were immersed in a world where spells and potions exist. The play made me feel every possible emotion and it didn’t take long for the characters to be built up so you become emotionally invested and the actors really helped you to feel everything each character was feeling…

I don’t really want to say any more than this for fear of accidentally spoiling it so I will leave it there.

Harry Potter Play_1

I have, since seeing the play, also read the book and I feel as though I read this from a completely different perspective to most because of the play experience. For me, the book brought back every emotion I felt as I sat in the theatre and helped me picture even details I forgot, the book was an aid to the play and has helped to extend the experience so I can enjoy it over and over again. It is like being thrown back into my childhood and personally I love it.

I have heard lots of people asking for the play to be turned into a film but, while I do think they need to expand the theatres so it can be in as many countries as possible and potentially even tour theatres, I feel that turning it into a film would just lose something that makes the play so unique and special. The feeling of theatre in general, being surrounded by every aspect and transported into a new world just doesn’t translate through the screen and I feel like so much of the experience and what I loved about it would be lost, but this is just my opinion.

I would love to know what you thought of the script book or play if you have read/seen it so please tell me below and link me to your reviews! Do remember though that not all may know the story so please keep it spoiler free and message me directly if you want to talk about the story!

Thanks for reading!

The Mechanic x

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