Why I Stopped Blogging… And Why I am Back.

Hi Guys, Long time no see…

It’s quite obvious that I haven’t posted in almost a year now and I was quite open with you in telling you that I was struggling with whether I actually enjoyed what I was posting about.

Overall last summer I was in a strange place and it left me a bit creatively blocked, not just with the blog but also with my drawing and general creative side, it just seemed lost, I had my moments but in general it’s not been there. So, I’ve spent the last year gradually pulling this back and I finally feel like I’m there, drawing and painting a lot more and actually enjoying doing it. There are pieces of work that I can’t wait to share!

While I have been under the radar, bogged under mounds of 3rd year university assignments, I have still been reading your blogs, and more and more in the last month or so I have been missing my blog, so… I’m back. Over this year I am on an industrial placement with a company and while mid-week I am busy with my commute, I feel like I have time around this to sit and enjoy writing for my blog instead of several assignments. I don’t want to promise the world but I do want to try and write a post a week, published on a Sunday evening (starting properly next week).

I don’t want to stick to a theme. It seems to be a common idea that blogs need a theme but the way I see it, I don’t have a specific style when it comes to fashion or a specific genre when it comes to music, so why should I stick to one area when it comes to my blog? I want to write about a range of things I love and share pieces of everything I enjoy! Drawing, Baking, Beauty, Motorsports, it just depends what I feel like writing about at the time.

So I’m back and fingers crossed it sticks this time!

The Mechanic x

I’m also on Twitter (@mechanicbeauty) and Instagram (shannonjanehill) come say hello!

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