My Creative Block…

Hi Guys,

Once again I am struggling with where to start, I guess that is the fault of the block.

My creativity generally extends to drawing and blogging (if you count putting my strange ramblings into coherent sentences creativity…) but recently, it is something that I have really struggled with. I haven’t been able to complete a drawing in over a year, or write a blog post that I am happy with all summer, and do you know what? It sucks.

Drawing has always been a big part of me and what I enjoy doing. It was my go-to when I was bored or just desperate to do something that I felt meant something. In fact, a large reason that I chose to pursue engineering was because, to me, it combined all the things that I enjoy. It combines my love for Design and Creativity with my love for Science and Maths (I know, that is an odd one to love, but I do).

I hate that I have struggled to do anything creative and I have decided that it is time to change this. I am going to continue re-modelling my blog into something that I am happy with and I am giving myself a goal to write a post each week. I am also in the process of designing a tattoo for someone close to me which has been progressing slowly over the summer and my goal is to (hopefully) reignite my creativity with this and try to get the line work finished by the next time I see him – so in a month’s time.

So this is it… I am not making any promises to you or to myself, but I consider the start of my new year at university to be a new beginning and I am going to use this to push myself forward and stop the procrastination in all areas, from my creativity to my university work (time to kick those late afternoon napping sessions…), so it is time for me to make a change and focus on the things that matter.

In my new flat, with my new desk and plenty of space just for me, I feel like this is something achievable and I am finally in the mind-set to do it.

Wish me Luck…

The Mechanic  x

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