The Bucket List #46…

Hi Guys!

So I have been BUSY the past few weeks! Well, months really, so my blog has slipped a little, and I am sorry about that but I should be back on track soon and I will have an explanation post later this week but for now, just know that things are straightening out a bit and my posts should be back on track soon, starting with a very belated Spring Favourites post… for now though it is time for a bucket list post after my lack of last week…



This is something I have wanted to do more and more recently. I did it for over 3 years when I was younger, until the prices went up so much that we just couldn’t keep it up. I absolutely loved it as a kid, the feeling when you clear a huge jump or just canter off around a huge field, and now I really miss it – even the occasional falls don’t put me off.

I considered joining the equestrian club at University when I first got there but again it was too expensive, so I wasn’t able to. I can hope though, that one day once I am settled with a stable job in engineering, I will be able to afford it.

I guess it is just another one of those one day things… but I will get there.

Do any of you have any hobbies that you wish you could start up doing again? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and I am sorry about the lack of posts recently!

The Mechanic  x

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2 thoughts on “The Bucket List #46…

  1. ‘Stable job in engineering’ *chuckles to herself before realising it probably wasn’t intended* If it was, seriously well done!
    On a more serious note, I was totally the same. I used to ride loads when I was younger and I love horses but it just got so expensive… 😦 Apparently, it’s practically cheaper to part-own or loan a horse these days! xx

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