The Bucket List #12 and a Quick Update…

Hi Guys!

I am finally back from Rotterdam and the Shell Eco-Marathon! It was amazing, but I will talk about that more in a post to come as soon as I can get it done.

I need to apologise for not having any main blogs for a couple of weeks, I couldn’t get one written before I went to Rotterdam and the one I wrote there just refused to upload, then last week I was just too shattered to really move, so I am sorry! I will try to get back on track with it all this week and try to get my vlogs edited to upload soon!

I had expected to be a lot less busy from now, but events just keep cropping up. I have another 2 eco-marathon events coming up (in the UK this time…), I am moving house and I will be going to the Goodwood Festival of Speed which is going to be fantastic! I am also heading home, back south for a week from Wednesday to see my family, as I haven’t seen them since the Easter break. So it is all go for the next month. I am going to try to get some posts written ready as I won’t have my laptop for a lot of it either, but I am struggling to find a lot of time to do it.

Anyway, thats my plan for the next month, I think it is time to get on with the actual post, number 12 on my Bucket List!

Bucket List 12


This is the Bright Angel Trail down the Grand Canyon.

I went to Arizona back in 2013, where I got the opportunity to go about 0.7 miles down the trail, and since then I have been desperate to go again and do the whole thing. It will require me to do some training though as right now, I am not the best hiker…though maybe walking everywhere helps…? I can hope…

Grand Canyon 04 Grand Canyon 03 Grand Canyon 02 Bright Angel Trail Sign Wall of the Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Sign Grand Canyon 01

I really loved my trip to the Grand Canyon and I really want an opportunity to explore more and what better way than to do the hike?

Need to work on my cardio though…

Have any of you lovely readers done this, or been to the Grand Canyon? I would love to know!

Thanks for reading my blog and being so patient with my lack of post recently!

~ The Mechanic  x

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