I Just Couldn’t Stay Away…

Hi Guys!

So, as I have mentioned, it is coming up to my exam period, 2 in total, with it all being over in less than a week! On the 15th May, Dobby is free!

Anyway… despite my impending exams, I just couldn’t stay away from my blog. I have scheduled posts up until the 25th May, after my week in Rotterdam for the Shell Eco-Marathon, but recently I have woken up with an increasing itch to blog and I just had to write a random chatty post for you, I don’t even know what I am going to write below yet, I will just see what comes…

Eco-Marathon Team

I have previously said that I am going to write posts about what I am taking to Rotterdam and about the event itself, I will post some other related bits too, but I will write these after my exam and schedule them for my time away… maybe I will do a little mini-series with a post each day while I am there… I don’t know… I haven’t decided yet. Either way, I hope it will be something special (either way, it will be to me). I have recently purchased a lot of items for my trip, from shampoo, to make up, to a back-up phone charger, and I am still deciding whether to do a haul post or not with it, what would you all like me to do?

I am also going to vlog while I am there, this is a completely new experience to me as I haven’t vlogged before or really edited a video, but it is something that I am really looking forward to doing. I have been practicing recently, as I am only going to be using my phone, but it seems to be working ok, I do apologise for the quality in advance, though fingers crossed my Samsung won’t be too bad! I intend to post these videos within 2 weeks of returning to the UK, however, I am not entirely sure what I am doing so please be patient with me as I learn, I will sort them as quickly as I possibly can. This is probably going to be the closest look into my personal and university life that I have shown you all which will be interesting and I am curious to see how it goes myself.

Fruit Infuser Bottle

On another note, among my recent purchases, I got a fruit infuser bottle. It is a Basily 28oz bottle and I am absolutely loving it. so far I have used it 3 times, once with raspberries (it was compared to tiny brains in a bottle… not very pleasant but it tasted delicious!) and twice with lemon and lime; also delicious. Tomorrow I want to try it with Red Grapefruit, and at some point next week, I will get some strawberries to try. I won’t go into any more detail as I am going to write a full post on this once I have used it more.

Mascara Comparison

I also owe you all an apology. Several times I have said that I will write a comparison post of the Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara and the Benefit Roller Lash mascara, but I am still yet to write this post. I have now got some photos for it, and I intend to sort out the rest and write it to post on the 28th May, after my exams and after Rotterdam. That week will be VERY busy with blog and vlog stuff so be prepared!

You may remember me saying in my Life Update post that I have been struggling living where I am currently. For this reason I have been staying at Ben’s parents’ house over weekends and I will be here for a few weeks after Rotterdam. I really thank them immensely for letting me do this. However, the end is now in sight and I am sprinting towards the finish line. I have a total of 6 days that I have to live at the house this coming week/weekend over which time I have my exams and then will be boxing up my stuff ready to move to my new flat in June. I have decided that once I have moved and am settled, I will write a post of what I have learnt in hindsight and my advice for those of you preparing for university in the future.

Anyway… that is enough of my random ramblings, I guess I just needed to talk tonight. Now I need to prepare to go back to my Motor Sports Design and thermo-Fluids Revision, wish me luck!

Keep an eye out for my post soon about my Rocket Car University project as it has finaly finished and the competition has been! If you don’t want to miss the post or any others, why not subscribe and receive email updates about it!

Thanks for reading my Ramblings!

~ The Mechanic  x

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