The Review… MAC Lipstick in Brave

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I have another review for you today, it’s another lipstick, this one being the MAC lipstick in Brave. If you read my recent blog post; The Birthday Beauty Haul, you will know that I was given this for my birthday by a close friend.

(If you just want a quick summary of my opinion, skip to the Bottom Line paragraph at the end)

Blog 12 - MAC Lipstick Brave with Packaging

I am going to start with the packaging… the lipstick comes in a sleek, simplistic designed, matte finish black box which contains all necessary information from the brand to the finish, to the important information. This packaging has a very nice good quality feel to it that most definitely separates it as high-end, for a start, most high street lipsticks don’t come in boxes. The actual lipstick bullet is again designed with chic simplicity. It is a classic round shape with a heavily rounded end, a look that we all associate with MAC lipsticks as soon as we see it. The majority of the bullet is the classic black with a silver shimmer and MAC not just written, but engraved, twice on the lid in sliver. Taking the cap off, the portion of the lipstick bullet used to twist up the lipstick is silver and turns with a very soft feel, overall contributing to the luxurious, high-end feel.

You can see in the pictures that I can’t throw away boxes (I am genuinely a box hoarder), I still keep my lipstick in its box and I will continue to do so. It’s become pretty battered but at least the lipstick bullet is kept looking good.

Blog 12 - MAC Lipstick Brave

The lipstick itself is beautiful. In the bullet, it appears to me as though it is a darker cool toned rose nude shade which I find really pretty, though the photos don’t seem to do it justice and don’t show the true colour. On me, I have never particularly liked brown toned nudes or the paler nude shades, I find that these wash me out and can make me look ill, so I much prefer a darker pink toned nude. Making this my perfect nude shade.

The finish of this is Satin. This means that it is a more matte finish than gloss, but it isn’t so matte that it is overly drying, however it can be made to appear more matte by blotting off any excess. What I love about this finish is the opacity of the shade. This glides on the lips smoothly and with one swipe this coats the lips beautifully with no real need to build it up. From swatching other shades, this does seem to be the same for other MAC satin finish lipsticks. I much prefer this to when I have swatched glaze, frost or lustre finish lipsticks as these seem as though they would be difficult to build up and are not intended for the type of opacity that I personally prefer.

Blog 12 - MAC Lipstick Brave Swatch

Blog 12 - Wearing MAC Lipstick Brave

Again the swatches on my arm and lips do not show the true colour, on the lips, this applies very true to how it appears when you see it in the bullet. The cool blue undertones are very much evident and I definitely prefer this for me because my skin has cooler undertones so this is of course very complementary. I personally think that this is a very wearable shade, probably more so for those of us with paler skin, however I have not seen how this interacts with other skin tones so it may work beautifully, I have just only seen it on myself.

As this is a more neutral shade, when this wears, I don’t find that I am left with a lip liner ring, as would most likely happen with more vibrant shades of this lipstick. This is always good for me because I am not the best at re-applying lipsticks. I have worn this almost constantly since I received it and I have loved using this recently with a pink smoky eye (using my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette) as in the photo above, and also with a more neutral everyday look. For days when I don’t want a bright lip, this is my go to, even over the Burberry shade that I reviewed last week.

Due to the almost matte finish, this doesn’t transfer too much, meaning that it is longer lasting than a lot of lipsticks, even high street matte lipsticks.

There is only one teensy little con for me: I do find that the longer it is on the lips, the more it feels drying, but this goes away when it is re-applied, so this may just be that my lips are more dry in general than for most people.

Overall, I LOVE this lipstick, it is my current perfect nude, and go-to. There is no smell or taste to this lipstick and it generally feels very luxurious to use.

All standard MAC lipsticks retail for £15.50 which I personally find reasonable for such outstanding quality and I would not hesitate to purchase more over the summer, in fact I intend to with the tips from my summer waitressing job.

The bottom line: this is an opaque, almost matte finish lipstick that is long lasting and my perfect pink-nude shade with cool blue undertones. The only downside, is the slight drying effect after it has been on the lips for several hours. At £15.50, I think this lipstick is well worth the money as the quality is exceptional and is miles above any drugstore or other high-end lipstick. I more than recommend this, even to myself as I will be picking up more over the summer, probably a bright shade perfect for those sunny days. Go give this a try for yourselves!

**QUICK UPDATE** Since I got my version of MAC Brave, it seems that the colour/formula has changed noticeably so this may not be the same as the version you would buy now. Rachael over at Helpless Whilst Drying showed this perfectly in her post here.

So that is my review! Please let me know in the comments what you think of this, and other MAC lipsticks, in the comments below!

Thanks for Reading 🙂

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 It is much more pink than I thought velvet teddy was when I swatched it (I didn’t like that one either) if you swatch Brave, it is very true to that on the lips from what I can tell so I would definitely recommend swatching! 🙂
      ~ The Mechanic x

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