The Update: Eyelash Curlers Scare Me…

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You may remember my post from in February; “Eyelash Curlers Scare Me…well, I have decided to write an Ickle blog for you as an update on my opinion of them. So as I said in my post “The Birthday Beauty Haul…” I was able to get some eyelash curlers from The Body Shop as my £5 birthday gift because I have a reward card. I have been trying these out since, debating over whether or not they actually make a difference and I have reached a conclusion…

Eyelash Curler Results Front View

Eyelash Curler Results Side View

So the photos above show the before image on the left and after on the right. There is a slight difference visible, but I wouldn’t say that it is overly noticeable and dramatic. The main difference for me is when I add mascara. I have noticed that when I curl my eyelashes and add the mascara, it does not leave clumps as much and my eyelashes “fan out” more as opposed to creating the spider’s legs look. Overall leaving my eyelashes looking more natural. It is mostly for this reason that they have now become a staple part of my make-up routine (unless I am running late). I think my eyelashes seem naturally curled enough for there to not be a massive difference other than this.

The Body Shop Eyelash Curlers 1 The Body Shop Eyelash Curlers 2

On to the tool itself… I really like The Body Shop eyelash curlers, although I don’t have any others to compare these to. However, I can say that these feel very sturdy and not as though they are likely to fall apart. The tension in the spring is just right, not so stiff that it would be difficult to use and potentially cause damage, but not so loose that you couldn’t apply any pressure to curl the lashes. So far, I have not had any problems with my eyelashes getting caught or pulled out, nor has my actual eyelid been caught.

Overall, I really do like to use these and I like the result I get after using these before my mascara… but I do still think they look like a medieval torture device.

I would love to know in the comments what your opinions of eyelash curlers are, and whether you have become a roller lash convert instead! If you like my posts, why not follow my blog by email so you don’t miss out on any of my future posts!

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