The Bucket List #13…

Hi Guys!

So it is time for the next instalment of my bucket list series! This week it is…



Bucket List #13

Preferably on a clear sunny day so that you can see for miles! I would love the opportunity to try this, despite being scared of heights. I want to see the views and experience what it is like to be floating so far off the ground in a basket lifted by a balloon, it just seems incredible to me. I also think this is the closest I will ever get to being in the house from Up floating across America, carried by helium balloons… I can just imagine the feeling of going up in a hot air balloon, hopefully I won’t have to imagine for too much longer!

So that is another little look into the weird and wonderful things that I dream about doing… have you ever been in a hot air balloon? Or do you, like me, also want to know what it is like? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading! Keep an eye out next week for number 67… an exciting new addition to the list!

~ The Mechanic  x

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5 thoughts on “The Bucket List #13…

  1. Awww – lovely little bucket list! I was so overwhelmed by the pyramids in Egypt – they were so beautiful and magical – that I cried! You must go! Hopefully, tensions in Egypt with settle down soon so it’s safe to visit.

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